My Meeting with Werewolves

It all started ten years ago.  My fiancé and I had the idea that we would have a midnight picnic lunch on one of the decks that overlook the Willamette River in Albany, Oregon.  Planning to look at the stars and snuggle with each other while lying on a blanket and snacking on food.

Just as we got onto the deck and put our blanket down, there was a humongous splash in the water.  We ran to the railing of the deck and looked over.  What we saw swimming in the river was incomprehensible.  It was around six feet tall, humanoid and had hair all over its body.  We watched this creature swim around the entire deck and then go to shore and walk into the trees on the shoreline.

My fiancé was scared, so I gathered up the blanket with all the food still inside.  We quickly started walking to the entrance of the deck when loud growls came from the shore.  These growls sounded as if you mixed a wolf and a lion together.  We eventually got to the edge of deck and had to stand still because another growl was emitted from the creature.

I told my fiancé to run to the car as fast as possible and I would stay behind to distract the creature.  My fiancé took off like her feet were on fire.  She had just reached the car in the parking lot when I heard a growl right behind me.  I turned around.  Five feet from me there was the creature standing and staring at me.  It was definitely a male humanoid.  I could make out the human ears, the genitalia, the chest and stomach and legs.  The face was obscured with bits of hair, but the features were human as well.  But this creature was covered all in fine hair and had very long and sharp teeth.  We stared at each other for a minute while the creature was breathing hard and I was holding my own breath.  The creature then roared and turned around and went back into the tree line.  I turned and high-tailed it out of there.

We immediately drove to the Albany Police Station and asked to make a report.  We were of course looked at as if we were on drugs or insane.  Nothing happened to that police report, if they ever filed one.

Seven months went by and as I was reading the paper one morning I noticed that someone in a nearby city had had a similar incident while walking home from a restaurant.  I tracked the man down and asked him about his story, never mentioning my own.  I assured the man that I was a writer and was interested in his story, the man told all.  What was really eerie is that he described his incident to the very detail of what happened to me.  But we lived 23 miles apart.

For the next three years I investigated many more attacks such as these.  In all, there were 28 attacks within four years.  I knew there had to be something going on, so I had to do more research.  Did werewolves actually exist?  Was there a mythological creature in the area that is harassing people?

I consulted with several psychologists and psychiatrists about mental conditions that could cause this effect with men and women.  It’s called Lycanthropy.  This is where children and adults often times believe that they can transform into savage animals.  I had the distinct pleasure of actually seeing one such person who suffered from this disease.

Shortly after my research with the mental health field, I received an email from a girl.  In this email, this girl stated that she is the girlfriend of one of the men who is in their pack.  And that she was to warn me to back off and not do any more investigating of their wolf pack, or else I would end of hurt or dead.

I emailed her back and told her that I would cease investigating if I was allowed to meet with the “pack.”  This is where everything became crystal clear to me and my research and investigation.  I immediately received an email back giving a place, time and date.  I was to meet the “pack” in a Portland suburb.

The day came for our meeting and so I took a friend’s car up to Portland to meet the “pack.”  The meeting place was a park and the time was around 6 pm.  As I arrived at the park, a young man came up to my window and told me to follow him to the next arranged place so that we could all meet in private.
Red flags started popping up with me, but I agreed.

I followed the young man through the city of Portland and into a rural area.  As I pulled up, I could clearly see that there were around six young men standing haphazardly in a field of long grass.  The young man who led me there got out of his car and knocked on my window.  He asked for me to get out of the car.  I told him that I was not comfortable with this meeting.

The young man then started beating his fist on the window and screaming for me to get out.  His face was contorted in a mad rage.  I then noticed that all the young men were slightly hunched over and were making growling noises.  I immediately put the car in reverse and back out of the area on a dirt road going 45 miles per hour or more.  As I fishtailed onto the paved street, I looked over and all the young men were running after me on all fours; barking and growling.  I was mesmerized.  I then put the car in drive and took off.

I was unable to get pictures or testimonies of my occurrence simply because everything happened so fast.  What I believe I saw was a group of men who suffered from Lycanthropy.

Since that meeting, I have been in regular contact with the men and the girl.  We keep our distance, but we talk about them restraining themselves from attacking humans and to only focus on wild animals.  The group has agreed and attacks have stopped.   We have also come to an agreement that I mind my own business and stay safe, and they do the same.  A compromise was reached.

Doing further research, I have learned that Lycanthropy is a very real disease and is not so rare.  Many are misdiagnosed with other titled ailments or conditions, but often times have the same symptoms of Lycanthropy.

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