Why Do Ghost Hunters Investigate in the Dark?

You’ve all seen the shows and heard the stories as after midnight as the moon barely lights the room as…. something paranormal happens… cue dramatic music.  But have you ever asked why so many investigate in the dark or maybe more importantly do we really need to?

flashlight in darkWhy do so many hunt/investigate at night? Most would say that’s the best time, but have you ever heard WHY it was the best time? Could be from the Victorian era with seances or more recently with Paranormal State’s use of “Dead Time” (witching hours/psychic hours) as one reason to do at night. Almost all the groups you see is night shots with night vision… One of the biggest pet peeves I have in life is the “it’s always been done this way” mentality.  Yes, at times what’s broke don’t need fixing, but sometimes it can use a tweak… So again why do so many investigate at night? Spook factor maybe?  Reality is I’ve investigated at night because I follow the evidence (reports, sightings, stories) of a particular location – and at times have been their all hours of the day chasing what clients said happens.  So when the sightings, noises or whatever that are being reported is at night then you want to be around when/if it happens – makes sense right? But blindly investigating at night just because its “the only way to do it” is more the amateur hour thrill seeker way to me.  Before anyone goes off – yes, I realize the paying job limits time to investigate and forces it to the later hours of the day mostly, what i’m saying is if you want to be serious about what you do then follow the trail given to you – not some idea of what and where the trail should be or lead.

I’ve labeled this under para-tips because I hope someone whether they be new or a seasoned paranormal veteran can take a different look at the why and how we investigate.  Paranormal activity by definition is above the range of normal experiences, so it can happen anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Now whether what happens is a ghost or not… well that’s another story for another article… So until then follow the trail wherever it leads to day or night.


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