Real Paranormal Activity – The Podcast

Show ImageThis podcast features the REAL paranormal experiences from people like yourself. Packed with content and with very little “filler” we provide engaging interviews with mediums, psychics, authors & investigators.


Aaron Hunter hosts the show, as well he produces the show with Brittney Dawn. Aaron holds a B.A and is an IT Professional in the greater Chicago area. He supports, trains and installs Financial Solution Software and has worked with top technology companies in Chicago.

He was a skeptic for most of his adult life until the Spring and Summer of 2010 when he stayed at a farm house. After three months staying at the farm house he realized that it was haunted. It was hard for him to accept, but science could not give him answers with what was happening. Ever since then he has been researching and learning anything he can get his hands on about the paranormal. He also realizes that there are a lot of false claims.

He finally realized that there are a lot of people that have experienced the paranormal and do not speak about it for fear of ridicule from their loved ones and friends. This is when he decided to create this podcast to provide a safe community where people can tell their story and he can get it out there to the world for you! Hopefully, this will provide answers and closure for those that send in their story.

Email your story: [email protected]
Phone in your story: 224-361-1577
Twitter: @RPAPodcast


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