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We Want You ScrollI encourage free thought and form in all of Paranormal Enlightenment’s writings & podcasts.  What does that mean exactly? Well even though I am the editor & founder – I rarely tell anyone what to write.  I’m sure your thinking why? Well, I believe that best writings and shows are spontaneous – from the heart.  Anything paranormal is almost by nature personal, as many experiences are experienced by people with no one else seeing/hearing/feeling it by themselves – sure at times many see the same thing, but it is not the norm.  I can never promise everything written or available for listening is going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I do believe that everything is thought provoking in its own way.  So with that all in mind do want to join our staff? See below for what type of shows & articles we are looking for. for more information or to send in samples/links.

  1. Articles
    1. Cryptids (2 a month minimum, 1 may make the physical magazine)
    2. U.F.O./Alien (2 a month minimum, 1 may make the physical magazine)
    3. Reviews (2 a month minimum, they may or may not make the physical magazine)
      1. Paranormal Shows – (TV/Movie)
      2. Paranormal Books – (Comics/General/etc.)
      3. Paranormal Gear – (Toys/Equipment/etc)
  2. Podcasters/YoutTubers (online only – though advertising of show maybe in physical magazine!)
    1. Anything paranormal – If you have a show tell us what its about or send us a link to check to see if it fits in our merry band of Outcasts of Radio! If you don’t have a show, but would like to start one let us know – we freely give a few ideas on how to start a podcast to get you going.  YouTuber’s videos are linked to the site, podcasters have ability to have their shows downloaded directly from our site for free!

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