Bigfoot: Myth or Real?

With all the stories and legends out there, I don’t think think there is a more well know or more famous one than the Legend of Bigfoot. He was first sighted in the Pacific Northwest and now it seems everyone in the lower 48 states has “seen” him at one time or another….

As most know the number of sightings of Bigfoot in each state have varied from a mere 5 sightings in Delaware to 427 sightings in California …Washington, California and oddly Florida have the highest number of sightings….Having lived in Florida, its not really a place to see him so it makes me wonder if people haven’t confused panthers or bears as him…Bigfoot seems to prefer colder climes and Florida is far too hot but anything is possible…

Another odd fact about Bigfoot, in all the pics I’ve of seen of Bigfoot’s footprint, it/he always had 5 toes …..I have seen a pic of a supposed Bigfoot footprint that it looked like it had 6 toes.  Could this be a sub species of Bigfoot we have discovered yet or are people’s eyes playing tricks on them? Is this really his footprint or someones gag to make others think its the real deal?? Mind you I didn’t take the pic…It was “given” to me by a friend that is a huge Bigfoot researcher.

My own personal knowledge of this subject is sorely lacking and my endeavors are focused on the Paranormal and UFO’s but one has to wonder, and I hope this makes you, the reader, wonder as well, if Bigfoot is a throwback to an earlier time in our own history that can manifest itself from another time period. That would lend credence to the fact that no one has been able, to this point, to get a good clear pic of him, which with today’s camera technology, should be fairly easy to do but yet no clear pic of him has ever been taken or non-blurry video ever shot of him.

It has also been suggested that Bigfoot has the ability to walk between dimensions and comes here from another time and place. I personally find that a bit much to believe due to the fact he looks like he came from our past, not our future, unless there was another Ice Age at some point in our distant future.

So, I leave the analysis and interpretation of the above facts to you, the reader. Examine this piece and decide for yourself and above all, for those interested in this subject, NEVER stop seeking the truth. It is out there waiting to be found and told.

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