Geeks & Ghosts: Episode 53 – Bar Talk & Surprise Guest!

In this week’s episode, we cover a ton of stuff! Kenny shows off his new swag from BlueGrass Ghost Chasers, we talk briefly about a YouTube we discovered called Retroblasting, Kenny talks about his adventures at the Paranormal Journeys Expo & the ghost hunt later that night, Rachel & Brad of Colorworld books is gonna be our 2nd IN STUDO guest next week, We all watch & listen to a news report about Bigfoot and his baby, we kinda announce plans for Tombstone and another mysterious location. Then we call a surprise guest to talk about a new video and event – we’re not telling you who it is, you’ll have to listen to find out! It’s a fun show, and follows no rules….ENJOY!

Geeks & Ghosts: Episode 52 – Anthony Selletti

In this week’s episode, Lou has technical issues and has to call in so you don’t get to see his ugly mug till the second half. However, our guest Anthony fills his video slot and talks about his involvement with historic preservation, being a living historian, Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, the 1799 Lazaretto and it’s upcoming History & Mystery event! Anthony also gives us the best answers we’ve ever heard to our two standard questions we ask everyone (when we remember to).

In the second half, Lou is back on video. We look at some of Kenny’s new Flea Market Finds, Lou’s visit to Long Beach Comic Con, Kenny hung out with Dave Ebersole of DASH comics, our new crew member “Camera Man Mike”, and this weekend’s Paranormal Journeys Expo! ENJOY!!


Geeks & Ghosts: Episode 51 – Chris Vera

In this week’s episode, Kenny & Lou talk to Chris Vera, co-organizer for the Albatwitch Festival in Columbia, Pa. Chris is a historian, and tells us about the Albatwitch (a little Bigfoot!), the history of Columbia and the Civil War, his ghost tour, and the fun events planned for the festival. In the 2nd half, Lou shows off some new toys, we chat about Eric Altman’s upcoming Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure, our friends at Colorworld announce the release of the 4th book in the series, Disney makes an official Star Wars announcement, and we look at Kenny’s Flea Market Finds of the Week! ENJOY!!

Geeks & Ghosts: Episode 50 – Anniversary Show!

In our first hour, we talk about NJ Toy Con, raffle prizes we won from Ben Radford’s charity auction, Bigfoot enthusiast Eric Altman is planning a weekend camping trip with speakers and BBQ, we chat about the new BB-8 Droid toy released on Force Friday, and then we get into a serious and passionate discussion about another podcast that’s having HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED on as a guest. In our second half, we look back on our first 49 shows – we start listing our favorite moments, which leads to stories about guests, and friends of the shows, and great memories. Thanks for 50 shows! We’re heading for 50 more! Enjoy!

Geeks & Ghosts: Episode 49 – Colorworld Book Tour Update with Rachel & Brad Kelly

In this week’s episode, Kenny & Lou talk about Star Wars, LEGO’s deal with the BBC & Dr. Who, Star Trek charity sweepstakes, DC Comics may be in trouble, Daniel may have been the actual bully in Karate Kid…and we show off a few new toys we’ve picked up.

In the second hour, we call Rachel and Brad! They give us an update on the adventures of the Colorworld Book Tour and their Kickstarter campaign to turn the first novel “Colorwolrd” into a comic book! It’s always fun talking to those two! We hope you enjoy!