Geeks & Ghosts: Episode 29

Kerri is organizing the Dover Comic Con August 8, 2015 and came on the show to tell us about all the guests, vendors, and activities planned for this year – and there is a TON of cool stuff to see and do, for kids of all ages! The G&G crew will be there, doing our show and interviewing
all the interesting people.

In the second half, we’re joined by Kerri’s husband, John, and we get our geek on! We answer Random Questions that were submitted by our listeners! We also chat about The Great Philadelphia Comic Con, the ghosts of Michael Jackson & Anakin Skywalker, and a TV pilot called “Losers”. It’s a jam-packed show… Enjoy!

Geeks & Ghosts: Episode 28

In this “Bar Talk” episode, we chat Kenny messing up the last episode, Lou’s visit to Monsterpalooza, Kenny’s visit to Galactic Con, Adam West & Burt Ward, The Walking Dead and the spin off, Top 25 Sci Fi movies of all time, some haunted places, two comic cons Lou & Kenny will be attending this weekend, and a few other things! Kenny also presents a Mystery Topic to Lou, and gets a pretty intense response! Check it out!

Geeks & Ghosts: Episode 27

In this “Bar Talk” episode, we chat about the Ohio Serial Pooper, a Girlfriend forces Man to Sell his 16 foot AT-ST prop, Kenny & East Coast Corespondent Kat visit Monster Mania Con #30, a video that claims to have captured a living Dodo bird, a zombie adventure experience in Philadelphia, Geeks & Ghosts being featured on Paranormal Enlightenment online magazine, and Galactic Con in Middletown, DE.

Geeks & Ghosts: Episode 26

Lou & Kenny get back to “bar talk” – discussing Kenny’s mixer issues, Tron 3, the Supergirl TV series in the works, a book of the week, The Walking Dead, Monster Mania con (Cherry Hill, NJ), and Mosterplaooza Con (Burbank, Ca) coming up.

Then we turn to paranormal discussions – the “ghost” of Hampton Court that’s been making the rounds, the rescuers that believe they heard “help” from a car crash victim, and we break down a video of an alleged Russian Bigfoot.