Geeks & Ghosts: Episode 48 – Mark Potts

In this episode, we turn down the darker side and discuss a topic we haven’t touched on before….Murder! We welcome Mark Potts, who’s been researching America’s first serial killer – H.H. Holmes, and believes he’s uncovered evidence that Holmes was the infamous Jack the Ripper. We give Mark the opportunity to tell us what he’s come up with. In the 2nd half of the show, we pay tribute to a Batgirl, and a Batman. Lou also gives us a review on “Dale’s RV” he built last week!

Geeks & Ghosts: Episode 47 – Ben Radford

Lou & Kenny get down and dirty with the deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer magazine! Ben gives us his take on paranormal investigations, “what’s the harm” with psychics, what it means to be “scientific”, and how skepticism applies to all paranormal entities – ghosts, Bigfoot, crop circles, etc. he talks about several of his books, including Tracking the Chupacabra, Scientific Paranormal Investigation, and Mysterious New Mexico. We also delve into some of his not-so-common collector habits. He gives us a preview of his upcoming book “Bad Clowns”, as well as a book that he hopes will be the definitive scientific research book for “ghost hunting”. It was an Awesome two hours, we think you’ll love it!

Geeks & Ghosts: Episode 46 – Bar Talk Edition

Lou & Kenny had such a jam-packed weekend, we decided to do an extra show (to make up for one we missed a few weeks back). First up, Lou talks about his mountain vacation – fishing on the lake, and his Bigfoot hunting adventure! Next, Kenny talks about over Comic Con – hosting the costume contest, our first LIVE broadcasts, our Unofficial Star Wars vs. Star Trek poll results, G&G pins and magnets, and Donna & Kat racking up the interviews. Next up is another edition of Lou’s Comic Book Corner with his top 5 comic book picks to investment in. We also announce a new member to our G&G crew! Enjoy!

Geeks & Ghosts: Episode 45 – Random Surprise Guest…Tim Vickers from Mountain State Paranormal Investigations & Paranormal Talk Radio!

In the first part, we chat about Dover Comic Con, how Bigfoot is a kinky guy, we show you the Deadpool trailer, watch a Green Arrow vs Hawkeye mashup, and discuss the Lexus hoverboard. In the second part of the show, we randomly call our friend Tim Vickers and have an absolutely interesting discussion about the psychology of interviews, tips for interviewing kids & adults, a break down of Source Monitoring. A great guest who we’re going to reschedule for an entire show with just Tim.


Geeks & Ghosts: Episode 44 – Traci Law

In the first part of this episode, Kenny & the mighty Mexican talk about Ant Man, the upcoming Dover Comic Con, nerdy names submitted to the IAU for areas on Pluto, Lois Lane exposes Clark’s secret identity, and aliens behind the bright spot of Ceres, and argue over the conspiracy theory of missing cosmonauts. In the second part, we welcome back Traci Law…to talk about the Pennhurst Paracon, her involvement with the Ghost Detectives show, her acting, photography, and really cool chair!