True But Weird On Highway 50

Christine Scoobish was in her early twenties, full of high hopes for herself and her three-year old boy, Nick, the pair were on their way to Carson City to start a fresh new life in June of 1994. According to her stepfather he received a phone call on June 8 from a friend she was supposed to have been meeting, it was strange because Christine and her son never showed up. The two had taken Highway 50 between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. Highway 50 is a long stretch of highway that is heavily forested,with winding roads that climb up steep hills, completely deserted in some spots. Understandably concerned he called the police and started checking hospitals, there was nothing, no sign of them. The police at this point did not see it as a missing persons, instead they advised the stepfather to wait a little longer. The family decided to put up flyers baring the photos of Christine and Nick.

On June 6th Christine’s Aunt Karen, whom she was very close to, woke up from a confusing dream of driving in a car on a dark mountainous road,  with no other lights or cars round them. Karen could see her niece and nephew in the front seat, Nick appeared asleep and Christine looked tired but alert in the dreams dashboard lights.The next night,June 7th had Karen waking up from dreams of busted glass, torn metal , and loud agonizing screams,the number 16 flashing in and out of her subconscious mind. She awoke the third night after seeing Christine and Nick,she talked to her niece in the dream asking if she was going to be okay, “No” replied the apparition in her mind. After three nights of these horrible dreams floating in her brain she knew in her heart that something very very bad had happened to her beloved niece and nephew. After convincing her husband of the same, she rented a car and began to scour the road side along Highway 50.

Debra Hoyt, a complete stranger to the Scoobish family, woke up in the early hour on June 11th frightened for no real reason and with a desperate urge to go home. Waking her husband she persuaded him to take Highway 50 back to their home in Lake Tahoe. It was the middle of the night as their car swept up around Bullion Bend when Debra let out a strangled yelp. On the side of the road on her side lay a pale naked woman, as they slowed the car down she didn’t appear to be moving or even alive. Debra could swear she recognized the woman’s features. Frantically the couple sped to the nearest gas station to call the police.

When the officers arrived, Hoyt and her husband escorted them to the scene, but there was no woman there, there was no sign that anyone had even been there. The officers humored her by flashing their heavy-duty flashlights around the area, finding nothing they told the Hoyt’s to just go home. Hoyt would later realize that the features she recognized where those of Christine Scoobish, she had seen the fliers all over town but in the dark and inside of a slow moving vehicle she didn’t put it together.

It was near after noon on June 11 when a second call was placed making the officers have to go back up to Bullion Bend, at the same time Christine’s Aunt Karen were driving back up the hill. She and her husband arrived only minutes after Deputy Strasser. Karen began looking off to the side of the road, not being able to see to far due to the lush vegetation all around them. As the Deputy was searching he spotted something that should never have been there, a tiny shoe off to the side of the road under a twisted mile marker with the number 16. Calling over to Karen he asked if she recognized the shoe. Yes she did, last time she saw it the shoe was on the foot of her three year old nephew. Through the dense foliage they uncovered broken tree limbs and debris leading to a car about forty feet down a sharp incline. Deptuy Strasser climbed down and confirmed they had indeed found the missing mother and child.

Christine Scoobish was still strapped into her seat, clothed, and deceased. Her son Nick somehow survived after five days of exposure with no food or water, but he swears he wasn’t alone. After the incident the boy began telling family how “Angels” where with him. He reported seeing a human shaped bright figure, sometimes more standing either on top of the hill or right next to the car.  At one point the little boy swore he heard his mother and saw her standing near a tree but according police reports Christine had died on impact. There was simply no way for her to have climbed the hill, taken off her clothes, lay by the road, get back dressed, then climb back and rebuckle her seat belt.

So if Christine Scoobish was dead for 5 days what or who did Debra Hoyt see on the side of the road that night in June? What did Nick Scoobish see and hear, was it his mother and the Angels, or was it the feverish dreaming of an injured possibly dying child? Could a mothers love and protectiveness for her son have enabled Christine’s spirit to reach out in order to seek help?

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