Who Called for Help Inside Overturned Car in Utah River?

As this story has been making the rounds on social media and in paranormal circles it got me thinking about what really happened here? Were are these rescuers mistaken where the voice was coming from? Could it have been from someone on the river bank, a bystander watching as the rescue happened? I’ve seen angels mentioned in many comments, as well of as course it had to be the deceased mother, etc. We may never know for sure who the voice belonged to whether it was in these men’s heads or actually belonged to someone near by, but we all can be thankful that the little child is alive.  And let’s not forget in all the hoopla this story generated about who said “help me” that a 25 year old mother lost her life in the accident, and a child will grow up with out her mom.  My thoughts about this are not so much about who the voice belonged to, but about the family and and how that little girl survived for 18 hours in the cold. And for that the term miracle does apply…

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