Unidentified Flying Objects Seen Through the Eyes of a Skeptic

Flickr Creative Commons - Niranjan, Game Wallpapers
Flickr Creative Commons – Niranjan, Game Wallpapers

When it comes to unidentified flying objects and the thought of alien life forms, I have always been a harsh skeptic. Perhaps you can relate. Area 51 has been a site under much controversy for a very long time and it seems, even after all this time, we still do not have any concrete answers. The government says it was just a testing site for surveillance programs. True believers of the existence of aliens swear that Area 51 is just a cover up for space craft which have been seen in the desert of Nevada.

Maybe, though, this whole thing is some crazy ramblings of overactive minds. The catch, really, is in the evidence. Old photos of what look like alien creatures do not do much in convincing me that they are real. And, how many pictures of UFOs have you seen that look like a dinner plate hovering in the air? Or maybe it was Uncle John’s top hat that was tossed up in the sky and now the photo’s owner swears it to be a flying saucer. Furthermore, with the progression of the Internet and YouTube, the “evidence” in support of extraterrestrial life being discovered on this planet has grown exponentially. Some of this “evidence” has helped fuel my skepticism because it was “doctored up” by certain tricksters through Photoshop or video alterations as an attempt to fool everyone into believing they have a dead alien body in their basement or film footage of a real UFO.

As a paranormal investigator, I see a fair amount of footage that is either staged in some way or the concept of brain matrixing is taking place. Brain matrixing, for anyone who is unfamiliar with the phenomenon, is simply the mind’s way of tricking itself by interpreting something unknown into something familiar. A classic example of this would be a window smear that can be seen as a ghost peering out through the glass. Both of these techniques, staging and matrixing, take away credibility in the paranormal world and they have the same effect in interpreting the UFO phenomenon.

Flickr Creative Commons - Dragon Ral
Flickr Creative Commons – Dragon Ral

Recently I stumbled across a news article, published back in May of 2014, which was released out of Beijing, China. In it a claim has been made that three unidentified flying objects were seen crashing to the ground in fiery balls. These objects looked in the sky to be very similar to the photo on the right taken over a Hawaii military base on April 2011. The effects of this crash quickly spread throughout the community, local news stations, and even made it beyond the confinements of the Chinese government into the global world.  It was reported that farmers and villagers from Yian Shuangyang Meng Chang heard a loud sound and then saw some jagged-edged objects hit the ground. As far as I have been able to research, its source or composition has yet to be identified. Quickly most folks jumped to the conclusion that they were three UFOs, possibly coming from an alien origin.

By looking at the photos, it seems that the claims are legitimate. But then my skeptic mind starts working – Could this simply be technology from another country, since probes and satellites are launched into our outer stratosphere on a regular basis? Is this a secret project by NASA that may have gone awry when certain spacecraft parts inadvertently came off and fell to the Earth? Once again, my suspicion kicks in and wants to rule all of this as a hoax. But on further reflection, I began to think back on some personal experiences with unidentified flying objects, and my disbelief begins to wane.

My wife and I have a favorite campground in southern Missouri where we love to get back to nature. We have been setting up tents there and catching the cleanest catfish ever from the spring-fed lake for three years now. At night, we love to sit in our chairs and look up at the crystal clear, rural sky and notice the thousands of stars sprayed out across the black canvas. We are always on the lookout for shooting stars and any strange lights we cannot debunk as aircraft. Every now and then we see something we cannot explain. Most of the time we surmise it is probably some government aircraft with 2030 technology or a man-made satellite burning up in the atmosphere. Last summer, though, we saw something that defies explanation.

Flickr Creative Commons, Public Domain - Ryan Hallock
Flickr Creative Commons, Public Domain – Ryan Hallock

One night, around midnight, we noticed three small white lights moving across the northern sky. Usually we look for blinking white or colored lights, which tells us that what we are seeing is some sort of commercial aircraft. None of these three lights had this tell-tale sign.

As we watched, they erratically moved around in a back and forth pattern that defied conventional aircraft propulsion. These lights emitted no sound whatsoever. As we continued to observe them move around with inconsistent speeds, they finally formed into a perfect triangle. After they held this position for a few moments, they sped away very quickly and disappeared into the dark night. We have not yet been able to explain what we saw.

If you take a look the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) website, you will come across a few claims submitted that reflect what they call “UFO orbs.” They tend to be balls of light that appear in the sky and then morph into multiple lights, usually flying in speed and trajectory patterns that defy common aviation rules. These lights have been seen all over the world and, as of yet, do not have any coherent and logical explanation behind them. As a skeptic, it is very difficult to try and dismiss these anomalies as a figment of someone’s imagination or the video manipulation by thousands of people worldwide. It just seems too improbable and makes even less sense than the phenomena themselves.

My disbelief now has sort of taken to the shadows because my wife and I both have seen these UFO orbs move inexplicably through the midnight sky. We have also observed other strange anomalies which I will share in another article at a later date. What was once a harsh skepticism is evolving into a series of questions that resembles the same path I once took in exploring the supernatural realm.

After years of personal experience with ghosts, dark apparitions, light anomalies, disembodied voices, temperature fluctuations, oppression in my own home, and actual photos of ectoplasm – I am now a firm believer of everything paranormal. Now, it seems as well, the evidence is building its case in favor of unidentified flying objects and the existence of extraterrestrial life. Perhaps, if you are a skeptic as well, you should bend an ear to some of the truths out there. In a universe full of planetary bodies that could hold life just like our own, it is absolutely possible that aliens do exist…and they are visiting us.

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