The Need to Believe

Over the years investigating the paranormal both on my own as well as with my group has lead to many questions, some of which I honestly will never answer in reality – more questions then answers is my view.  Though one particular has always made me think ‘why?’, that question is why do so many have the need to believe in things that are on the surface outragous or maybe just improbable.  Whether  it be ghosts, spirits, aliens, bigfoot, your whacky crazy neighbor is married, or the grand conspiracy of the Illumati.  I think you get my drift but as the famous salesmen states ‘wait theirs more!’, which I won’t touch on too much as i’d be writing this list for days if not years… so again.  Why the need to believe?

One idea I see mentioned often with conspiracy theories is that as humans we have to find order in the chaos of an event that is hard to imagiane – landing on the moon (impossible or so they say), assaination of political figure (no way a lone gunman could do that), or murder of innocents by sad indviual (they want to take away are guns).  Could this forcing of order into chaos be just a paredeolia of sorts we apply to these intense emotional situations? I personally like hearing consipiracy theories, as a writer I love a good tale, does that mean anyone who believes is a whack job? Far from it, many of the theories i’ve heard or read have a solid basis in an idea, maybe not the full facts – most conspiracy theories I see are well researched they just kinda drop or leave out things that don’t match with what they believe. Grissom would not be pleased with them, but they persist in part to need to believe.

As for the paranormal end of needing to believe, many whether they realize it or not treat the paranormal as an almost religon – it’s real whether they can back it up or not.  An EVP to you might be gibberish to me, or vice versa.  I will go on record as I believe something is out there, what it is I honestly don’t know as I have no solid proof, just experiences I try to understand… I think a lot of investigators, hunters, and researchers are stuck in their ways of I know it because I saw it with my own eyes attitude.  Yes, I just lumped all paranormal types together… investigators/hunters while at night see a shape in the woods while hunting for bigfoot that appears to 7 to 8 foot tall and wider then a man, that dissapears before they can get close enough to see it clearer.  Was it a bigfoot? Maybe, but it could also have been a bear… That would be confirmation biasas at it’s best (worst really), they went out to see a bigfoot so when spotting something unusual it has to be one. Now for the researcher kinda the same story but with knowledge and writing as they start to reseearch an area’s papers for unusal sightings of animals that fit description of a bigfoot.  In a few papers they discover reference letter’s from a local resident in 1800’s of a pipedal hairy beast about 7 to 8 foot tall in the area.  If they stop there they failed – was this person real?  Where the letter’s geniune or where they part of story or some other production? The point i’m trying ot convey here is many in paranormal world stop short, either by not knowing or by not going far enough down the path in front of them to discover the truth.

Speaking of Gil Grissom earlier he said two things that stick with me and are simple to remember: “There is always a clue.” & “Concentrate on what doesn’t lie: the evidence.”

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