The Haunting of “Rebecca”

*Please note the names have been changed to protect the client confidentiality. – Editor*

Rebecca is a young mother of a two-year-old son, whose name is Jeremy.  Jeremy often complains to his mother that he is scared to sleep in his own bedroom by himself.  This was going on with Jeremy for several months, which Rebecca thought was common with children his age.

One night, when Rebecca was sitting on the edge of the bed helping her son fall asleep in his own room, a few of the toys that littered the floor starting going off by themselves.  A few of them moved on their own; toys that didn’t require batteries.  Rebecca was instantly frightened and removed her son from the bedroom and called me for help.

Because Rebecca was renting the duplex, I first wanted to do some research on the property before doing an investigation of her son and his bedroom.  I requested to speak with the landlord, but was met with a many refusals.  So I was left to my own devices.  So I went to the courthouse and searched online for all the previous tenants that lived in that duplex.

I found something very interesting about one of the previous tenants. His name was Casey, and he led a very short and tragic life.  I had tracked down Casey’s sister, who lived in a nearby town.  She filled in some gaps for me.  In the mid 1970’s, a man name Casey lived in the same duplex that Rebecca now resides at.  Casey’s story is fascinating.  Casey had lost his job in 1976 and was having a hard time paying his rent.  Casey had just graduated high school and felt the pressures of everyday living that most kids that age feel.

In high school Casey was a natural born swimmer and won many competitions in his field.  Casey even won a full scholarship to a major university for his sport accomplishments.  Casey was a very trusting, caring and open person.  Because of his financial situation, Casey decided to find a roommate.  At that same time, Casey had met a girl and fell in love.

Casey learned that his roommate was a very shady person after sharing the duplex with him for some time.  The roommate was a drug runner, sometimes going to several other states in order to move the drugs and make more money.  As the sister of Casey was telling me; one day the roommate approached Casey about making a specific run down to California in order to make some much needed income.  Casey was very apprehensive, and against his sisters advice, took the job.

Before Casey went down to California, his girlfriend had told him that she was pregnant.  Several months along in her pregnancy, Casey wanted his girlfriend to move in so that she could be closer to him.  The girlfriend agreed and moved into Casey’s room while he was gone.  Three days later Casey returned home and showed his girlfriend all the money he had made.  But the excitement was going to be short lived.

What Casey didn’t know was that his roommate was being investigated for drug involvement.  Now Casey feared that he would be as well.  Several months go by without an incident, and then the DEA stop by the duplex and question Casey about his roommate.  Casey became nervous and paranoid and started making plans to move him and his girlfriend in with his sister.  But the girlfriend suddenly went into labor shortly after.  Three days later, they brought back a son and decided to name him Jeremy.  The baby was healthy and happy.  Even more than ever, Casey was determined to move his small family away from the duplex, the roommate, and the investigation.

One day after coming home from visiting his sister, Casey found his girlfriend crying hysterically in the garage of the duplex.  She was yelling through tears that their son was dead.  Casey ran into the room and found his son had passed away through the night.  Later it was determined that the child passed away under suspicious circumstances and another investigation was started.  Weeks after the death of their son, the couple spiraled into a depression.  Casey slept most of the time while the girlfriend would pace and mumble to herself.

One hot afternoon, Casey awoke from the couch to a silent home.  Casey got up to go find out where his girlfriend was.  Once entering the garage, he found her swinging from a crude made noose.  She had hung herself.  Casey called the police.  Once police arrived, they immediately suspected that both deaths were because of Casey.  The roommate was hardly ever seen at the duplex with the initial drug involvement investigation.  After the two deaths, the roommate moved out completely.

Casey spiraled into a dark mental world, which eventually led to his own death.  With the arrival of the police one day to arrest Casey for the two suspicious deaths, he had confronted the police with his own weapon and was fired upon several times.  Casey passed away that same night from two fatal gunshot wounds.

My next step was to go to the duplex and start an investigation.  I asked Rebecca to remove herself and her son from the duplex during the investigation.  The investigation took two full days to perform.  The third day I went over evidence and found that we had captured a photograph of an apparition in the garage and several EVP’s on tape that had the voice of a young man yelling with frustration.

During the reviewing of the evidence, Rebecca and her son had moved into a two bedroom apartment some blocks away.  I went over to show Rebecca the evidence that was caught and asked if there were any further incidents with Jeremy.  She said that Jeremy was now playing with an imaginary friend and was giving her a lot of attitude.  I knew that things had escalated to a dangerous level and had to act fast.

I arranged for Jeremy to be watched by a babysitter in another location while Rebecca and I confronted Casey.  We walked around the apartment and talked with Casey.  We affirmed to him that he was dead and that the Jeremy he was playing with now was not his son.  We confided to Casey that his son was in another place, and that if he wanted to be with his girlfriend and son he would have to move on.  During this time, several items on shelves flew across the room and there was a heavy air about the place.

After several hours of talking with Casey, the house lightened and the activity stopped.  I recommended to Rebecca that she should keep a diary of her daily events with her and Jeremy from that day on, and that I would return a month later.

One month later, I checked in with Rebecca and found out that after that confrontation with Casey there was no further incidents in the apartment or with Jeremy.  Rebecca and Jeremy have since moved to another city and often contacts me, affirming that Jeremy is doing well and that they lead normal lives now with no paranormal incidents.

I eventually showed the picture of the apparition in the garage to Casey’s sister.  She affirmed that it was indeed Casey.  I let her keep the photograph and shared with her the whole story and that Casey had indeed moved on.

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