Paranormal Scamtivity

Original image is copyright Pamela Perry. Additional Editing by John C. Fowler.

I’d like to start off with the disclaimer that I do run a little paranormal expo, so maybe I’m extra sensitive when I hear about paranormal event promoters ripping people off or maybe I just have a different view into how expos & conventions should be run. Though we may know that many dangers exist in doing paranormal events or activities, some are more prevalent then others – of course we all deal with possibility of dangerous locations (buildings in various stages of decay or repair, uneven surfaces inside and out, etc.), but the real danger is lack of knowledge.  Knowledge and continual learning is the key to being “safe”, safe in this term isn’t always about safety while on a investigation.  Sometimes just doing a little research (which we all should be doing) on an event will save headaches, lost time, money and respect in the long run.

The Ryan Buell debacles was I believe the first mainstream acknowledgement of using the paranormal as a cash cow, though I do remember hearing about some smaller events and personalities doing the same on a much smaller scale over the years. Hearing about Buell was shocking as I couldn’t believe that someone as respected as him would be part of that.  Now more recently another event in Tombstone, Arizona is making the Facebook rounds and people are sounding off of course – and they should a wrong was done.  What I always tell people is their are two sides to every story – it comes with investigating. While’m not defending anyone for any situation with these events we all need to the remember facts will come out, authorities will make decisions and let the justice system take its course.  The facts then can be used to avoid such a mess in the future. For example if you contact a location that is supposed to be home to an event and they know nothing about it – make sure you talk to a manager/event scheduler for the location to be sure you have the right information, same with hotels before you buy.  If you know people attending get information from them, have they attended before do they know the event runner(s) personally? Get some facts then make a decision on attending or not.

For me events shouldn’t be huge grand spectacles, they are about people connecting and learning.  So while I do take some offense to my event sadly being in same category as some of these others, I can take solace that their are plenty of good solid events out there – just waiting for people to attend and find out about them! With a little fact checking you can get that bad taste from those scam events out of your mouth and enjoy all positives the paranormal community can show you. So no matter if your a fan, a investigator or someone in between these events all should have something for everyone and be worth every dollar spent – of course that’s my two cents and I won’t be mad if I get change back…

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