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D.T.M. Wicked RadioDenny and Tiffani Gager are the owners/managers of DTM Wicked Productions, LLC and DTM Wicked Radio. DTM Wicked Productions is a network created to bring the world of entertainment together. It was formed in May 2013. DTM’s goal is to give each listener an opportunity to interact with the talk show host and guests.

Denny Gager is an author of children’s books, co-owner/manager of DTM Wicked Productions and a paranormal investigator. His wife Tiffani Gager is a singer, co-owner/manager of DTM Wicked Productions, psychology student, talk show host of Wicked Edge on DTM and a paranormal investigator. They reside in the southern tier of New York State with several rescued fur babies. They are previous founders of their own paranormal team and big animal advocates.

How did you get started owning a network?

We had an internet radio show on a previous network. We loved doing radio and being able to talk to all the different people.  After a few differences of opinion we had with the previous network we decided “hey wouldn’t it be great to continue doing a radio show but on a network we own??” Thus the birth DTM WICKED PRODUCTIONS, LLC and DTM Wicked Radio Network.

What type of shows does your network carry and where can people find your network?

We have a very diverse network with a variety of shows to feed everyone’s entertainment hunger. We have the Wicked Edge which has on authors, musicians, other podcasters, comedians, actors A list celebs and a plethora of many other guests.  We also have music shows for example one by the bassist of a System of A Down – Sgavo Odadjian called iHeartShavo. He has A list musicians, independent musicians and A list actors on his show. He is very funny open and down to earth show. We have shows on a variety of subjects such as weather, animal rescue, LGBT Diversity, women issues, sex and other controversial topics.  We are constantly adding all different types of shows.  For example, we are adding a metal music show hosted by women.   We can be heard on, Twitter, Podbean, Videobash, Freedom Talk Radio and I few other I can’t remember…..sorry!

What do you find the hardest thing about running a network?

The hardest thing about running a network is making sure everything runs smoothly such as making sure all your sponsors are happy. Making sure your hosts are following network contracts and are happy as well trying to maintain a personal and family life outside the paranormal field and network. Holding on to your sanity or what sanity you have left. It’s a balancing act that not many would understand.

As a couple do you find it hard to run a business together?

Mmmmm, sometimes. We can butt heads sometimes and disagree. I (Tiffani) can be headstrong and stubborn when I believe something isn’t right or should be confronted and handled a certain way. Denny is a little more laid back. But at the same time it’s nice to have a relationship where you can work together because then you understand each other’s ups/ downs and frustrations. It is also nice because we support and encourage each other.

Who is the most interesting person you ever interviewed on your show?

Oh boy that’s a touchy one. We have interviewed so many wonderful interesting and fun people it’s hard to choose. I loved interviewing William Shatner, Doris Roberts, Bruce Boxlietner Tim Reid and they were all very interesting and insightful. I have also interviewed authors who I will never forget. One of my favorite gusts to interview though was Mike Sciabarrasi of Deftone Pictures. He is such a kind, warm and funny guy. We just love mike every time he is on Wicked Edge.

Why should people tune into the DTM Network?

BECAUSE WE’RE AWESOME!! HELLO!! Lol People should listen to  DTM because we have fun amazing shows with interesting hosts that talk about a  wide range of subjects….you are never bored listening to ANY show on DTM Wicked Radio Network.

You are paranormal investigators. What does a paranormal investigator mean to you?

It means helping someone who feels they have unexplained activity.  Who needs a “sort” of confirmation and/or helping what/who is responsible for the activity to move on and giving the clients comfort.

Why did you become paranormal investigators?

To seek answers to questions of the supernatural and to help others.

Tell us your approach to investigating?

Calm, skepticism and compassionate.

You have been in the field for a while and you have seen people come and go in the paranormal field …why do you think this happens?

Everyone has their own reasons so it varies….but what I have observed is a lot of people leave the para field because sometimes they feel targeted by those who feel they are “paranormal martyrs”.  These people feel they have the right to “expose” people for God knows what reason when in reality they are just bullying them. I mean who wants to put up with that? Others leave I believe because they probably didn’t think “Ghost hunting” or Investigating required alot of time, effort and work.  Others simply didn’t get the attention or fame they thought they would have after seeing all the para shows.

Tiffani, you are working on a degree in psychology do you think knowledge in psychology or human services can help you in your business and the Paranormal field? If so please elaborate?

That’s a very big YES.  With both the investigating and the network it helps me read people and understand people.  It also helps me analyze people (investigators and clients) so I can make the best judgment calls on how safe it would be to have someone on our team investigate a client’s home.

Denny, you have written a series of children’s books. Why children’s books and what made you want to become an author?

English was my favorite subject. I have always liked kids. I wanted to write children’s books to view everything through the eyes of a child again,. Leave the troubles of the world behind while I write the stories.

What is the toughest thing about being a paranormal investigator?

Putting up with criticism from those who do not understand what we do and why. Having to explain to “potential” team members why we don’t have a camera crew following us and why we don’t have a show. Also, why we don’t always pick up activity on every investigation.  Determining who really needs our help and the ones who just want to be on TV.

There are lot of paranormal bullies out there. Why do you think this occurs. Why do you think paranormal people feel the need to attack others in the field?

There is absolutely no one reason why anyone should attack anyone. I understand people can disagree and people can have a different way of doing things. However there is a time and place for everything which you can always be professional.  You can also handle any issue you have with anyone with integrity and respect. Those who bully are egotistical and narcissistic. They feel they have impress upon the world their superiority by “intimidation”.

What would you tell a newbie who wants to get into the paranormal field?

The para community is smaller than you think. It’s more involved and complicated than it looks. The people within the para field (clients included) are more intense regarding inner family dynamic and relationships.  The actual investigation is complicated. You are working with people who may have a variety of issues and problems going on in their life.  Not everything is haunted or demonic. If you are looking for fame and fortune than you are in the wrong field for many reasons.

Where would you like to see your network and team within the next five years?

As for DTM Paranormal Investigations we have dissolved our team. Other than investigating with trusted teams when asked to or a public investigation we just don’t have the time to dedicate to it  We are  so busy with the network. As far as DTM WICKED PRODUCTIONS, LLC and DTM Wicked Radio Network…..the sky is the limit and we are reaching for the stars and beyond. We hope one day for the DTM name to be on everyone’s tongues and a fixture in everyone’s ears!

One last question.. tell us one thing about yourselves that people don’t know about you?

Denny is a nerd at heart. GO MARVEL!

Tiffani-Beth  I got so nervous before interviewing Bruce Boxleitner I almost hyperventilated.

You can find DTM Wicked Radio at or on Facebook.

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