The Orb Dilemma: Foo Fighters and Paranormal Phenomena

HPIM7546“I am a new day rising. I’m a brand new sky to hang the stars upon tonight. I’m a little divided. Do I stay or run away and leave it all behind?” – Foo Fighters, “Times Like These”

Perhaps one of the most controversial pieces of “evidence” for both paranormal investigators and UFO researchers alike is whether or not “orbs” truly exist. And, if they do, can they be considered as “proof” of an unknown light anomaly or some type of spacecraft? From a paranormal perspective, orbs have really gotten a bad rap over the past couple of decades because anyone who owns a digital camera is showing up in a local cemetery or reported haunted location shooting multiple photos that reveal whitish colored circles that are being called “orbs”. Watch any paranormal show on television or especially a video on YouTube and, as soon as someone finds one of those quirky glowing balls in one of their digital photos – well, yep, it’s a ghost! On the flip side, orbs have always been associated with a UFO presence in our skies or they have been associated with an alien life form communicating with unsuspecting observers. In the cases of UFOs they seem to be more credible. However, with the easy access of video technology by literally anyone, these videos can be fakes. Could it really be possible that paranormal entities and extraterrestrial life forms have chosen “orbs” as the medium to reveal themselves to us? All of this “orb talk” may seem like a bunch a mumbo jumbo interlaced with a few rare facts. It seems a bit so to me. Perhaps what we really need is a little help to clear up some of the confusion about orbs, what they may be exactly, and how they play out – if they even can do so – in the theater of the mysterious and unknown. Here is my attempt. See what you think.

Paranormal investigating has, in some ways, become the newest and greatest hobby for people to pursue. Each month I encounter a new group forming on Twitter with their site either backsplashed with some psychedelic media or a photo of the members leaning against a reportedly haunted building. It is awesome that there is such attention being given to our craft, but the problem is that a few of the groups may be distorting their findings. In the case of orbs this might be the case. An orb can be interpreted many different ways, and we really need to take an authentic look at any “evidence” a paranormal group or individual wishes to present.


Paranormal orbs, in general, can be a reflection from some particle in the air or on the lens that appears to look spherical in nature, as in the photo of the young colt, Fabio, shown on the right. Dust, ash, water droplets both wet and dry, rain, snowflakes, pollen, hair, insects, and perhaps a dozen more possibilities fall into this category of debris that is not visible to the naked eye, but will be picked up in the infrared spectrum of a digital camera. These examples are simply what we can deduce of an orb’s composition based on the particles in the environment. There are many other possibilities, as well, about what these light anomalies may be in their true form – and they are not limited to just the paranormal realm, but are also tied to extraterrestrial life.

On July 25, 2015, there were several reports filed of strange lights in Milwaukee, Wisconsin which were seen in multiple locations. These lights took on a square-like shape of orbs, and there were as many as 6-7 of them in the night sky. These types of orbs have been seen all over the world and have been suspected to be visitations from extraterrestrial life forms. This is certainly not a new idea because UFO sightings have been seen throughout our entire human history. Some of the most memorable and mysterious events happened over a series of flights during the air war of the Second World War.

“Foo fighter” is a term given to small, round flying objects which were seen by Allied pilots and described as orange-glowing Christmas bulbs at night and small metallic globes when seen in the daylight. They were initially believed to be a secret weapon used by the Germans in an attempt to take down Allied military aircraft. Although there has been some extensive research into this possibility as both a weapon or some natural electrical phenomenon, none of these silver “balls” were ever recovered and both governments deny any such device existed. The organization Mutual UFO Network would be more apt to label these “orbs” as a sign of alien life forms shuttling around our atmosphere in their mysterious aircraft. And they may very well be correct because these types of anomalies have been documented by military and civilian personnel from 1938 up through our more modern world today. In the case of UFOs, orbs tend to be believable explanations for the strange phenomenon we see moving through our air spaces because they glow as bright lights and move erratically throughout the sky. I have personally seen them triangulate in a very dark country night sky and I watched them with then same awe that anyone would have if he or she saw what I did. It is amazing and scary at the same time.


The dilemma with orbs, as I briefly touched on earlier, lies within the paranormal world. Orbs do not have the same credibility as the UFO versions do. Scientists have called them plasmoids – an electrical/magnetic phenomenon which involves the spherical shaping of plasma, “a highly ionized gas containing an approximately equal number of positive ions and electrons.” (

Photographers say that orbs are either lens flare or they are simply a result of “circles of confusion” – a phenomenon whereby part of a picture (can be background or whole picture) is very out of focus and results in the part of the photo lacking in depth of field to form groups of small circles.18093555759_3e3c1121c8_z

The huge skepticism about our abundance of orb photos stems from the digital camera. Prior to the digital age, orbs were very rarely captured on film. This does not mean it never happened, because it did, just in much smaller amounts.

It is true that digital cameras are able to pick up the smallest particle and record it with a flash of the bulb. Most of the photos you will see on the internet and even in books are just that – some sort of natural particle, usually dust. There is another theory about the composition of orbs and it is this assertion that I am challenging you to consider. Could it be possible that orbs are actually the energy life force of spirits?


The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot created or destroyed, but can be changed into another form. When humans are alive they possess inherent energy forces that make up their spiritual and physical existence. Some know them as chakras, others simply call them our life force. When we die, this energy must continue on in some form after we lose our physical bodies. Could it not be possible that orbs are that energy representation? The photo you see above was taken at a site intended to be sacred ground. The orb you see is positioned at the base of two sets of steps leading into a ravine. To the right of this orb, there is a shrine which was built in honor of a saint.

When I shot this photo, my jaw dropped. I was amazed at what I had captured. It is my belief that this is an orb of someone who has died and has returned to this site to pay homage to the saint, just as this person would had done when they were alive. The photo is much more revealing when viewed on the camera.

Does this photo offer any more supporting evidence that orbs really are the manifestations of ghosts? I am finding that the answer to that question can be very subjective. There are quite a few experienced investigators and researchers who think that paranormal orbs are definitely not ghosts or any other kind of supernatural energy.

“Enough with the ‘orbs’ already! ‘Orbs are not evidence of the paranormal. They are not ghosts and they are not even ‘unexplained’! It’s the ‘traditional orb photos’ that have become the bane of paranormal research and I think that it’s time we retired this irrelevant theory for good.” – Troy Taylor,

The one consistency you will find with the dilemma of orbs, whether foo fighters or balls of spirit energy, is that there is always the possibility that light anomalies like these are in fact extraterrestrial or spirit communications. For myself, I am certain that the orbs I captured on sacred ground are indeed the ghosts of the deceased or of spirits who inhabit the property. I am very aware of the 100+ years of activity on these grounds and there is far too much coincidence between this fact and what I actually experienced during my investigation. Sometimes you just have to see for yourself in order to believe.

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