“GHOST HUNTER GLASSES” useful or another weird sham?

A new trend in ghost hunting: Ghost Hunting Glasses. Surfing through Facebook Paranormal groups I’ve been seeing a few investigators raving about how well these yellow lensed glasses actually a low cost solution that help Paranormal Investigators. 

 Being curious I began to research this over the Internet, and sure enough within minutes on eBay I come across an ad for “GHOST HUNTER GLASSES BRIGHTEN NIGHT VISION Yellow Lens ghost hunting equipment” The ad reads “These stylish glasses have Tortoise FRAMES & YELLOW NIGHT lenses. Yellow lenses help brighten your night view and filter out glare, and if there is someone who has ‘past over’ hanging out with you, these glasses may be a great tool for you to spot them. They may also help you to move around in the dark with less effort therefore keeping you safer from accidents and falls. What can we say! They wrap around you face giving you great eye protection from dust, rain and wind and avoiding rear reflections giving you a better view of your search for ghosts & spirits.” The photo is copyright protected, but basically they look exactly as they sound.
I found a few ghostie pages through out the web selling these things for around $10-20. They claim to be Night Vision glasses.

Check these out!


 A great tool to help me see ghosts for alil over $10? I gotta try this!

So I’ve seen these glasses before worn by motorcyclists and even on the shooting range. I know they’re made to help reduce glare and improves contrast. But do they really help us see better in the dark or better yet- see ghosts? 

 Instead of buying the “ghost specific” shades. I picked up these “As Seen on TV” Night View glasses while hanging out in the line at Wal-Mart. Close enough. At $9 it was a cheap thing to try out, even in the ghost world. I admit I’m pretty skeptical, and really…at least if they don’t work, I’ll look pretty cool right?

 Reading up on these glasses I see they work for people with macular degeneration and other eye diseases, diabetes, or who simply have trouble seeing after dark. The claim is that the yellow tint helps to filter blue and UV light, which improves visual clarity during broad daylight hours. In the dark those same properties are supposed to help make things look sharper. They’re supposed to help to eliminate excessive shadows so things generally look brighter, even at night or during periods of extreme haze or fogginess.

Now I’m far from tech saavy, but as for filtering out part of the UV spectrum, this almost seems alil contrary to most theories that tell us need cameras that view the “full spectrum” from infrared to ultraviolet. So, by actually by adding this filter, we are actually reducing our ability to see even more of the spectrum. We want to see the UV spectrum, right?

My glasses guarantee to block 100% UVA and UVB. I have no idea what that means but I hope that ghosts don’t hang out in it!

I suppose even if they don’t necessarily help me find ghosts, seeing better in the dark can’t necessarily be a bad thing? After all us ghost hunters, I’m told, do do it in the dark. (que cheesy rim shot drums after a bad joke)

And if they don’t work at all, and I still get tripped up in the dark, I guess I have my Halloween picked out this year!

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