Issue #2 Is Coming!

Hello everyone!  I’m pleased to announce that this week we should have issue #2 ready for purchase!  Setbacks are never fun, but we are moving forward.  Of course if you order the digital subscription you can read all articles right online, including the ones not yet in print!

Issue #2 Update

Hello everyone!  I’m just checking in so to speak to let everyone know that Issue #2 of Paranormal Enlightenment Magazine should be out by the end of the month! We had some unforeseen setbacks, but rest assured anyone who is a subscriber will still receive all 12 issues as purchased and we will extend anyone’s membership to make that a reality, if we haven’t already.  I and my staff are committed to making this the most enlightening (sorry had too) paranormal magazine available today.  We also hope to have it for sale soon at select stores as well.  Stay tuned for those announcements as well!

Any should be questions directed to: [email protected].

Update on Issue #1

I just wanted to say hello to our subscribers and followers by giving a quick update on the 1st issue! We still plan on having it out in late April. What we are doing as a thank you is for anyone who subscribes before April, 1st will receive a free month on their subscription – any of our subscriptions. So no matter if you get a year, 6 month, or month subscription – you will get a free month. Its our way of saying thank you for giving us a chance and checking us out.

We also have added a Dear Abby Normal column to the magazine/site which can simply be explained by the following:

Alright my Paranormal peeps – Got a Question?
Well then Ask it!
Only One Rule: Respect – Give it and you will get it! Got it? Good!
E-mail: [email protected]
You may be featured in next months issue!

Issue #1 we will have about 10 article for your enjoyment, the paranormal term/word of the day via:, the totally not true paranormal fact of the day (for laughs only), and a spotlight on Gettysburg which can be read here.

We are always on the out look for more writers! We’d like everything from creative writers to pen stories, to people from the paranormal field sharing their stories, basically we are looking for anything paranormal! If you are interested contact: [email protected]