What is Paranormal Responsibility?

Paranormal Responsibility is understanding your equipment. You must not only know how it works, but why, and by extension, why it is useful for the paranormal researcher to use such a gadget. Don’t parrot back the theoretical assumptions of other investigators, come to your own conclusions and do something to elevate this burgeoning science.

Paranormal Responsibility is understanding your camera. Educate yourself on the basics of photography, gain a working knowledge of your camera’s settings, and stop posting false positives as evidence. Experiment with photographic anomalies and learn what conditions create orbs and mists and trails and what you can adjust to avoid them. Implement a bracketing system to capture the same location and angle with multiple camera settings. And this goes towards all your equipment.

Paranormal Responsibility is to constantly increase your education in this field. Just because you’ve been in the field for twenty or thirty years doesn’t mean you know everything. There are new advances in technology, books have been written with some great knowledge in them. Don’t become jaded because you have all this experience. Even doctors who have been in medicine for thirty years still read the journal of medicine to learn new advances in his or her field. We should be doing the same.

Paranormal Responsibility is voluntary peer review. Get your evidence in front of a wider audience and listen to what they have to say. There will always be skeptics who deny everything and there will always be dramatic-types who see everything in nothing, but the majority of researchers fall somewhere in the middle. Be open to the idea that someone may catch something you have missed, or pose a possible natural explanation to the one piece of evidence you hold most dear. But don’t act like a know-it-all either. When giving your review, do it with professionalism, not demeaning!

Paranormal Responsibility is paranormal propriety. If you are in a position to represent the paranormal field to the general public, do not act like an ass. This field is already maligned in the mainstream by those who would call us crazy or evil or some combination of both, so it is your responsibility as our willing or unwitting spokesperson not to prove them right.

Paranormal Responsibility is asking permission to enter any abandoned location, private property, or cemetery after dark, and respecting any property that you have been given the opportunity to investigate. Nothing reflects more negatively on the paranormal field as a whole than a news story about yet another group getting in trouble in the name of special research. Stop creeping and get permission!

Paranormal Responsibility is knowing your audience. If you are in a position to interact with those who are younger or in possession of less experience than you, do not steer them wrong or put them in harm’s way. Do not inadvertently encourage immaturity by bragging of your exploits in forbidden realms. If it’s dangerous, don’t post details! It is your responsibility to teach the young and/or inexperienced how to do a proper investigation. By you not taking responsible for people you know and willingly let them do what they want on an investigation, you’re the one who is creating the problem. So take responsibility!!

Paranormal Responsibility is paranormal integrity. Do not perpetuate a lie, for fun or profit, whether consciously or unconsciously. Don’t participate in the charade, and don’t join the mob. If truth is your aim, prove it! And if you find someone doing wrong, don’t parade it all over Facebook! When you start drama on social media sites, you look like a jackass just as bad as the person who you’re going after. Find another avenue to handle your disagreements. It’s time this field as a whole grows up. So what does Paranormal Responsibility mean to you?

How to Develop Immunity against Psychic Vampires

Have you ever felt drained by someone? Where an interaction causes you to feel like you are being robbed of your life energy? The source could be someone close to your heart or a brief encounter with a passing stranger or acquaintance: friend, co-worker, family member, shop owner, landlord, even someone sitting next to you on a bus. If you leave an energetic meeting feeling tired, depleted and out of alignment with your self – you have been the victim of a psychic attack. Another being has either consciously or subconsciously stolen your energy through the encounter.

In today’s world, these individuals are known as psychic vampires – feeding off the energy of others just as the “big screen” vampires steal blood from unwitting victims. There are tell-tale signs of psychic attack and through personal awareness and prevention methods, one can ensure that personally affirmed energy is protected and honored through the course of any interaction in our modern human experience.

Psychic drain is a daily occurrence for most human beings. Interestingly, it is a common result of interactions with the people closest to you. Whether the person engaging in energetic robbery is aware of the harm they are causing or not – they are performing a disservice by putting you in the compromised situation of personal detachment in order to fulfill their energetic needs. The “high” reward they gain from their practice does not come from a gentle and loving place. It is a manipulative and greedy methodology – offering quick, attainable results. It requires no sacred, inner work or sustainable path in which to manifest powerful life affirming energy. Our connection to God energy is our divine right as human beings, but acquisition through unbalanced means is an invasion on many levels – psychically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

If you are in the midst of an exchange which turns toxic, whether through conversation, email, written or mental interaction – even thinking on a person whom you associate as negative – it can bring you to a depleted energetic state. The tell-tale signs of psychic attack begin as subtle emotional feeling and manifest as physical trauma. Symptoms include feeling tired, depressed, groggy, anxious, enraged, out of body, like someone punched you in the gut, physical pain (limbs, internal organs), headaches, loss of taste, dry mouth, nausea, loss of control, spirit and self. If you start an interaction feeling generally balanced and leave feeling any of the above symptoms, you have been a victim of psychic attack.

There are two tried and true methods to prevent attack in these instances. The first is to excuse oneself from the interaction entirely. Removing oneself physically, psychically and emotionally cuts the energetic chord and drain taking place. Take respite from the encounter, ground and re-affirm your power by meditating or performing breathing exercises. Any form of positive energy work will re-connect you with your core. The second method lies wholly with the psychic vampire. Attacks can come to a screeching halt if they take conscious action in order to alleviate this tendency through their own self-reflection and mindful awareness. In turn they will show more care within conscious human interaction, leading inevitably to more sustainable methods of deriving divine, life affirming energy in personally inspired ways.

Energy vampirism is an act of desperation, control, selfishness and confusion. But it is also a cry for help. Many simply do not know how to routinely attain source energy by positively inspired means. For these individuals, psychic attack is their go-to source. It is an indicator that changes need to be made in order to learn how to manifest energy in transformative and healthy everyday practice. How does one attain such enlightenment? Simply put – by honoring one’s own power and connection to source energy. Do things which make you feel wellness and clarity, go to nature, meditation, yoga, enjoy calming activity, and practice better nutrition, breath work. When something is of innate high frequency vibration, you will know. And you will pull power and life force to your being as result. Choosing divinely inspired activity offers a wellspring of infinite, pure and sustainable life affirming energy. It has been divinely engineered for every living thing in this way.

Psychic attacks have become acutely common in our modern world. The energy that our indigenous self once found in nature by becoming one with creation and through our own deeply personal journey for ascension are being exchanged daily for harsh, aggressive and controlling means to acquire this necessary life affirming gift. Whether consciously derived or not, psychic drain is a common energetic attainment practice for most human beings. Energy itself is not to blame, as it knows no good or bad – it just is. It is the human being’s choice of how we direct and acquire energy which defines our experience. How did masses in modern humanity go from being one with their divinely engrained model of sustainable, infinitely abundant energy allowance understanding – to a culture of energy sucking vampires?

The answer, as always, lies in nature and creation. Energy is life and its attainment is necessary for survival – just like water or breath. Humans have both a physical and energetic body inherent in their creation, and both have innate needs and requirements. The energy body is our naturally derived wellspring of connection to God source. It is unified by all and very personal and vital to our experience as human beings. Ancient shamanic cultures the world over have been in agreement for 40,000 years that holes and imbalance within the energy body are what invite disease. It is by repairing our energy body that we can attain healing and true alignment with our physical manifestations. Meditation, joy, truth, and respectful connectivity all add naturally derived vigor to our energy bodies and in turn, physical experience. Sustainable, available and pure – these are the hallmarks of source energy. It is abundantly infinite, all we need to participate is tune in and allow it to flow.

Some may wonder – how in the world can a person steal my energy like they steal a car radio? Every thought is a living construct. Everything you see, touch, feel, think or believe – has vibration and exists. Energy is present in everything. Car radio = personal thought. Even if an idea only exists in your head, never shared – it still has energetic form and has been shared with the universe by value of your inner creation of it. And it is just as alive as you are. As such, these thought forms can be robbed – your mood, ideas, feelings – can all be taken advantage of very easily.

Human beings by their deepest truth are not here to do harm. However, humans can attract negative attachments which – by way of holes and tears in the energy body – can allow for unseen parasites to take hold. In turn, these beings feed off your power, as they too are living creations and require energetic sustenance for survival much the same as you. Energetic parasitism can create mental and physical disease for the human, leading them down a road of toxic manipulation and control by the whim of something they cannot see. Over time, by continually supplying the unseen attachment with what they energetically desire, the human host will ultimately equate the needs of its parasite met as personally fulfilling for their own being. The host will in turn seek out low vibratory, negative characteristics or experiences in themselves and others in order to feed their energetic attachment and in the process, “feel alive.”

Like a musician or painter who feels they must suffer for their art, for example. In most instances, they are being controlled by unseen forces who are controlling them to do, say and create things which allow for harmful energy manifestation and un-sustainable feeding cycles. These beings will stay attached to a host, jumping from one to another – so long as the emotional food their diet requires is met. The best way to avoid interaction of this kind is to vibrate at high states of being where your energy body cannot create the junk food required for the sustenance of an energetic parasite. In turn, the unseen being will lose interest in you, and move onward to their next energetic host who they can willingly manipulate, rob and control.

Human parasites function in the same way, driven to this state by negative patterns and attachments. And they will feed on a victim via psychic attack until their host no longer produces the food that sustains them by way of getting you angry, responding to put downs and all around negative energy. Have you ever changed your thinking to focus on personal growth and inner spirit only to find that you “lose” certain negatively charged friends and family members along your path of awakening and self-realization? This is part of the reason why. These people no longer serve you, as you cannot supply what they were used to receiving from your being any longer. Remember – those close to you are the most common culprits of psychic attack.

Vampires, negative entities, spirit drain … does this sound a lot like the “myth” models currently being explored in movies, TV and books? Cultural programming takes real elements of our internal experience and emotional responses and puts them in the conscious thought form of a film or book series in order to control our subconscious perception of the vibration. These induced vibrations drive culture and its imagery. We see this recently with the influx of vampire based movies, TV shows and books. Why does everything need to involve vampires nowadays? And how do each of these unoriginal adaptations on the same theme thrive and amass wealth?

Mainstream programmers seek to quench and steer the subconscious desires of their audience – an audience who at this stage in human development is strongly vibrating with the frequency of negative spirit attachments and psychic vampirism. While vampire tales and paranormal attachments are not new ideas, we are seeing their manifestations more and more on the big screen of our third dimensional life. What does this say about modern humanity?

Psychic vampirism is a frequency that entertainment executives are currently locked into because human culture is tuned into them. In turn, they try to satiate this impulse by releasing the physical vampire image and its dramatic realization ad nauseam. Hollywood process takes issues from real life, exudes magic into them and puts them out en masse in order to control how the public is made aware of the concept. The underlying reality here is that human beings are in extreme need of energy in the world of 2015 due to imbalances within themselves and the world in which they live and create.  In return – culture gives us its interpretation of it on the big screen of third dimensional life. The root cause, however, lies deep in the human experience.

We are living in a diseased modern culture and humans are dying for energy in order to revive and feel alive! It is a cry for help. Humans are starving for energy. The rise in incidence of psychic attack proves they will do anything to supply their needs. Human beings are confused as to where to turn to sustain their continuously depleted energetic bodies. Psychic attack is a disease that can be simply healed with conscious attunement to higher planes of vibration within the self. Humanity must overcome the widespread vampiric model currently in practice and re-align with sustainable energy practices each and every day.

There is one tried and true method for defending oneself against any level of psychic attack: align with high vibrations like love, inner strength and honoring your eternal spirit. With this garlic – no vampire stands a chance. But you must first get to know and ascertain these powerful gifts for yourself – know and experience them, their vibration and their reality. With these gifts – you are never alone in this world. And they will lead you on a path of personal growth, wonderment, blessing and an infinite wellspring of loving and sustainable power.


How to check for a Scammer

This article came to my mind after a heated debate from another blog article. So I feel this is a subject that needs to be brought up. Many investigators of phenomena such as ghosts, UFOs, hauntings, paranormal creatures and many unusual events often find themselves in a situation where they need to know how to check out a hoax. This article will provide a set of guidelines you can use to determine whether or not a claim or a story you are examining is a hoax.

As a paranormal investigator or researcher, it is your responsibility to discern between deception and truth. The word “hoax” refers to those stories, videos or pictures where there is intentional deception or fraud. For example, it’s up to you, as the unbiased observer, to separate the story that a homeowner may tell you about a haunting from your own efforts to determine what’s really causing the phenomenon. However, there are times when the storyteller is a con artist, an attention-seeker or a sociopath. As a paranormal investigator, you need to remain vigilant against these types of people.

Identifying a Hoax Before It Grows Legs

The field of the paranormal is filled with tricksters. On YouTube, over half of the “ghost videos” are fabricated or spoofed videos meant to poke fun at people who believe in ghosts. Unfortunately these “hoaxes” are mixed in with a gold mine of video that homeowners have shot featuring authentic paranormal phenomena. There is no faster method to become disenchanted with a field of research than coming across one or two of these ridiculous hoaxes.

Elements of a story, video or phenomenon that will help you to immediately flag it as a potential hoax include:

  • Is the “evidence” in a format to be distributed to a large group of people, such as an email distribution or a website?
  • Does it fail to provide legitimate and verifiable confirmation sources?
  • Is the language used either very emotional or highly technical?
  • Is the source anonymous, or is it impossible to verify the source’s expertise?

Identifying a Hoaxer

While identifying a fabricated story may be easy, identifying a hoaxer isn’t. Hoaxers are essentially con artists who are attempting to sell a particular audience on a paranormal story. The following are common characteristics of such con artists.

  • Chameleon: The con artist adapts quickly, using the same lingo and basic core beliefs as the crowd and incorporates those into the hoax.
  • Charismatic: A clever con artist can come across as extremely professional, successful and charismatic.
  • Techno-babble: They often use poorly understood science to peddle certain “technology” or research. They use meaningless phrases like “ectoplasm anomaly”, or “micro-cosmic harmonic stabilization”, which sound no different than highly technical phrases from a scientific journal to a layman.
  • Nasty Skeptic: If you ask a hoaxer for evidence, the con artist will act slighted and attempt to make people feel that questioning the source of information will cause the information to stop.
  • Too Good To Be True: If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Aliens do not offer secret free-energy technology. Ghosts do not shoot dishes across the room while flickering the lights and shooting ectoplasm from the walls. And, when Bigfoot is captured, he likely will not be stored in an ice cooler available to the highest bidder. Using common sense can go a long way when you research paranormal claims.

The following are examples of paranormal hoaxes that took place over the past few years.

The Elevator Ghost Hoax

In early 2008, a creepy video surfaced on YouTube and throughout the Internet, showing security camera footage of a ghostly, stooped figure of an old woman haunting an office building in Singapore. It quickly became well known as the “Raffles Place Ghost.” Later in the year, the GMP Group admitted they fabricated the video, at a cost of $100,000, in order to “highlight the dangers of working late”. Many thousands of people had fallen for the hoaxed video.

The Aleshenka Creature

In August of 1996, a mentally ill elderly woman named Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina claimed that she’d discovered a small creature in Kaolinovy, a small village in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Locals claimed that the creature was extraterrestrial in origin. For years, UFOlogists and crypto zoologists believed that the creature was not of this world. However, in 2004, scientists from the Moscow Institute of General Genetics, used genetic testing to prove that the creature was nothing more than a prematurely born female baby with severe deformities.

Planet Serpo and the Human-Alien Exchange Program

In 2005, a story about a human-alien exchange program surfaced on the Internet. An anonymous person, claiming to be a government insider, used free Internet email accounts to send poorly written military journal entries written by military officers who allegedly visited the alien planet. In 2006, investigators at Reality Uncovered, using email-tracing evidence, revealed that the anonymous hoaxer was former U.S. Air Force Sergeant Richard Doty, famous for his part in a number of past UFO hoaxes that he distributed to UFO researchers Bill Moore and Linda Moulton Howe during the 1980s.

Bigfoot Found

During the summer of 2008, Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer claimed that they’d discovered the body of Bigfoot in the backwoods of northern Georgia. The hoax built up steam throughout the national and international media as the two men claimed they had the corpse frozen in a chest freezer. Self-proclaimed crypto zoologist Tom Biscardi picked up the story and pushed it into the national news by promoting several large media events. The two men sold the body to a research group called Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. for $50,000.00. After thawing the creature, the hoax was revealed when they discovered that it was nothing more than a rubber gorilla costume.



Much to be learned from Internet trolls, Psychopaths, and Haters

Social networks on the Internet give a perfect possibility to see all kinds of human behavior simultaneously at one glance without the need for immediate interaction. You always have the time to read a comment, reflect on it, and give an answer – or not – appropriate to the discussion. You don’t have to answer right away, and exactly this gives you the opportunity to learn and to grow as a person.

I think that when meeting people in person, we usually get overwhelmed just by someone’s appearance or facial expressions, which sometimes suffice to provoke an inappropriate reaction. I don’t want to say: Exchange your life for an online reality, I just say here is a great opportunity to learn how to distinguish a person’s motivation while engaging in carefree conversation.

Since the motivation is key in every dialogue, you should definitely figure out the agenda behind the argument. It is, in fact, much more important than the discussion itself.

Be it in a physical reality or on the Internet, there are always people who like to suck up all the energy in a conversation; their idea is not to bring in any plausible arguments, but to destroy everything which smells like harmony. Because in a real argument, you get to laugh every once in a while, and on occasions, we also admit to our own conflict of ideas – don’t we?

Trolling for fun and recreation

Well not everyone, there are many people who don’t really care about the subject of the conversation; they care about the object – which is you. They always attack you personally, telling you that you are stupid, uneducated, unqualified, inexperienced, naïve or easily deceivable, unscientific, immature, superstitious.

As you can see the words are always personal, they never contain any real argumentation, and if they do, they are combined with words which have a negative connotation towards you or the subject you are ‘talking’ about.

Losing all of your energy

The problem with all sane people is that they completely overlook the initial motivation; they start justifying their stance, and even try to explain their argumentation in a million different ways in the hope to gain some sort of understanding of someone whose only ‘understanding’ is to empty your well of energy to the point of complete exhaustion. I’ve seen those people having entirely opposed opinions while arguing with different people. So what does this tell you?

Of course I believe that we grow and change throughout our lives, and that we learn to understand new perspectives – but not inside 20 minutes while having an angry conversation.

You might say; it’s subconsciously intentional. They are mostly not really aware of what they are doing, to say it mildly: they just are extremely opportunistic. They go after it, and try to make the best mess out of it they possibly can. And the higher the tensions the better. They always look satisfied when things get out of control.

I’ve seen them putting this sarcastic little smile on their face when they feel they got to the point where the argument is brought down to a senseless war of personal accusations. The funny thing is – or not – that they seem quite satisfied after such a ‘debate’ – but you are not.

Close the treasury and observe

I wouldn’t be able to write about this if I hadn’t experienced it myself many times, falling into this trap persistently. But at one point, I decided to consciously change my role in these discussions. Instead of doing the same mistake all over again, I now try to stay as an observer, because this is what I can choose to be. I finally understand that they are not after me, but after my energy, and that “I” as a person am completely irrelevant to them.

In fact, you can test this for yourself. The next time when you sense that there might be such a conversation ‘coming up’. Try not to take any leading role, nor to explain any of your opinions. Just state them and let them speak for themselves. If somebody attacks you, let them, as if it had nothing to do with ‘yourself’ – because it doesn’t. What you will see is that they drop off quickly due to the lack of resistance.

Usually, they try to provoke with one or two more personal remarks directed against you, and if that doesn’t work, they choose another victim, or they abandon the whole situation all together.

However, the most important thing is: they leave in their own anger and frustration, with no energy harvested – and this is how it should be. You do much more for these people by doing nothing – than to prolong their suffering and inability to face their dysfunction by letting them feed on your energy.

The typical troll

Most easily they are recognized on the Internet; usually writing hateful, disconnected comments below personal posts of people who have certain interests in, be it alternative medicine, healthy living, spirituality, or any other kind of progressive areas which largely deviate from standard viewpoints.

They especially like to attack these topics, because they give them a perfect ground for ridicule and sarcasm (although some trolls are paid by various industries to promote their agendas intentionally – but this is another story).

A post on social media is a personal thing, because you share something you like or don’t like with your ‘friends’ or ‘circles’. So if your post reflects just that, I can choose to like it or not by sharing or disregarding it. But why should I write hateful and disrespectful comments below something that you like? It makes no sense. Perhaps there are inappropriate posts sometimes, but they don’t get commented by those people.

Internet trolling to me is nothing else but being a jerk on the local market square. It is the same personality, the same profile – watch out for them.

They test you

Different sources show that around 5% of a population fall under the category sociopath/psychopath – never underestimate the impact of those people, especially not when they occupy leading positions in our society. I look at them as some sort of human indicators for people who want to test the sincerity of their own personal growth.

As long as they freak you out, you know that you still got to work on your perception. I think they exist to show us all of our weaknesses which we usually don’t see when we around like-minded people. When you stop taking their remarks personally, then you can focus on the inside and see what it is that upsets you. Perhaps there is something within you which needs to be recognized, something, which needs your attention.

Why they don’t like you

They don’t hate you; they hate what you stand for: tolerance, softness, kindness, progressiveness, open-mind ness, and many other qualities they don’t have. On a subconscious level, they try to get this from you, because they know that it’s right, but they don’t know how to assimilate it. You can grow and become even kinder and stronger, or you can fall down on their level where they will eventually beat you. Their goal is to show you that you are not better than they are.

One thing is clear – if you want to be able to handle these challenges you need to grow stronger. The Internet is a great possibility for that; I’d call it a flight simulator. You can experiment without needing to fear any serious repercussions – although you shouldn’t overdo it! The aim should be a spontaneous recognition of what it is – a test – an instant awareness that this is happening – again – for just one reason: to make you grow STRONGER.

The real haters

However, this article would be incomplete if I didn’t mention those who really hate what you are posting on the Internet. Especially if your posts are related to uncovering any kind of industry or government fallacies and failures. They see it as a personal offense when you speak out against statism, military interventions, foreign policies, economic structures, food production, and food labeling, dogmatism, or big business’ ‘science’ research.

For them it is impossible to deal with the fact that their government or any other structure they trust in, could exploit them for their profits. It’s just unimaginable to them, and so they discard it all together. An indicator is, that they never allow any of this to be true, simply because it would open up the possibility for a complete breakdown of their belief system.

I think they sense that, and this is the reason why they believe absolutely everything which comes from top to bottom – this is what they were taught to understand: information cannot travel from bottom to top, because it would destroy their whole world view instantaneously. To me, it feels as if they had a filter system in their minds, which blocks everything which might attack the system as a whole.

I don’t think that these people are psychopaths like the ones I mentioned earlier. This is why I would like to distinguish between those two situations. The people in this case don’t necessarily detest you personally; they just dislike the content you are posting.

What they don’t understand – doesn’t exist

I think their aggressiveness comes from their inability and stubbornness to understand that ‘up there’ are not only individuals who selflessly work for the common good of people – although many of course are – but deceit and deception like in the worst superstitions.

Their main anchor is science and all its derivatives; it is the holy grail of all knowledge and anyone who questions it is a heretic and should burn in hell. Why? Because you are asking stupid, unnecessary questions for which you have no authority to speak about.

I don’t know why they continuously neglect the fact, that there are uncountable instances of ‘unscientific’ approaches who have let to great discoveries. Who knows what Tesla would have to go through if he lived today?! I’ve read that he said that the induction motor ‘appeared’ – vision like – in front of him while he was reading Goethe’s ‘Faust’. Well…I don’t know what he was smoking that day, but ‘appeared’….hm.

Thought criminals vs. status quo

But this is how it goes: if I give one example that proves that things aren’t always ‘sterile scientific’, then they must be the opposite – or mumbo-jumbo as Richard Dawkins says it. Of course things should be tested in our reality – since after all – the induction motor is a real thing – but the way to get there should have no ‘thought criminal-like’ restrictions.

Why shouldn’t people test alternative ways of governance, of healing, of food production, of thinking and experiencing, of socializing, of education, of co-existence – why is this so dangerous, crazy, superstitious, new age-y? And why should it be dangerous?

It’s an age-long fight; current systems don’t like to open up to new findings; they discredit them to keep the status quo. Why is it that people always feel so cutting edge themselves when they look at new technology?

All of this that we see today will be old junk in a decade or two from now. I mean everything: your clothes, your car with its latest equipment, your phone, and all the other stuff. It will be outdated, and you will look at it like on some ancient technology or trend – and you’ll probably laugh at it (if you are not a collector of antiquities).

Or look at all the belief systems people have had throughout the centuries: political systems, economic systems, and educational systems – it’s just a system which will eventually change and rest in some history book as a ‘nice try’, an evolutionary step. Why is it so hard to see that all of this that you believe in will be gone one day – I mean all of it?

We cling to our beliefs as if they were permanent, although history shows – even the very recent one (look at your mobile phone from the 90s) – that things continuously change without us being aware of it at all. I mean – why all this fear after all – because something might change? It will – regardless.

The fear of loss that creates the hate

As I understand it, there is an underlying fear of not being loved by anyone. And now it seems that even your government doesn’t love you, that your church doesn’t love you, that ….they lie to you? Is that possible? Yes, it is. There are actual people behind these institutions – and people make mistakes because some of them have very bad qualities like greed and narcissism, and tons of other human frustrations just like you do.

So the idea of any perfect structure is illusionary because they are run by people with millions of different individual interests. And combining different interests means compromising the interests of other people – so it can’t be perfect by definition. Consensus is possible in a society where no one wants anything, in particular, for oneself but wants something which includes everyone – like nature does.

However, nature is not a concept but a living thing which changes its appearance but never its functioning.

So to understand that we are part of this is key to anything we do, because we cannot change our inherent natural system, we can only change our appearance. When we understand this then appearances lose their seriousness, and we are finally able to enjoy this play of an ever-changing game of forms that come and go without mistaking them for being something permanent. They are not.

Who would have thought we’ll end up down here speaking about all this stuff – I didn’t. And this spontaneous surprise factor is what creation is all about. It is a play which reinvents itself continuously – just for the sake of playing.

There was one post recently which I liked very much; there was an image of a smiling child and below it said: Be happy like a child – for no reason.

Demonic Fascination

Over the years, the most commonly viewed subject that people talk to me by far and away, is the one on demonology. In one sense, I think that it’s a positive thing. However, I am sometimes left to wonder what is the overwhelming curiosity with demons? In and of itself, that is understandable and even expected. It is a fascinating subject and an area many people sometimes foolishly get into. What bothers me is they don’t always heed the warnings that I give them about messing with this area of the paranormal. The reason I warn people to stay away from this subject is people are not trained to be able to rule out demons during an investigation, but alas, it appears to be on so many people’s minds these days and every investigation I hear about has demons involved.

Yet, there is such a fascination for the subject these days. I am somewhat at a loss to understand why this is so. I have had some people whole heartedly agree with me. I have had others tell me I’m maybe just over thinking it. Many have scoffed at the mere mention of demonology. One person said something that I fear may be true: Satan sells. He also smells but I won’t go there; I’m learning to deal with demons and the malevolent, so for me, demons comes with the territory. But why do others want to take that risk? Fascination is one thing; obsession is another. I receive many, many e-mails as part of what I do. What bothers me is that probably close to 90% believe they are possessed or knows someone who is. You have to write off some percentage to cover those who are mentally ill. I do not know how to calculate that number. Is it most of them? I just do not know. What is so disturbing to me is, that however you slice the pie, there are many out there who believe it. In truth, if they were indeed possessed, they would not be able to contact me, a priest or minister. It just is not going to happen. It is a problem that needs to be fixed and I will not insult anyone’s intelligence by saying I have the answer.

Is there a rise in possession? There is no way to calculate that either. The Catholic Church is not about to give out numbers and what we hear from “Deliverance Ministers” is so over the top as to lose all credibility. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not trying to mock those who do work for God. I just get so annoyed when the number of “deliverances” performed, tally higher than the number of people who eat at McDonalds. However, I think we can safely say that there is a rise in the number of those demonically possessed. I cannot put a number to it, but with the rise in popularity or, maybe it is better to say there is a reawakening in things from the occult. Ouija boards, spell books, tarot cards and all the rest can cause problems. Certainly not everyone who uses an Ouija board finds themselves possessed. Ditto for the other things I mentioned. However, just imagine of the one percent of people who use them improperly have a problem. The numbers would be staggering. So we have some there. Look at the evil all around you. Rape, murder, robbery. Sure that has been going on since the dawn of time but you have to think, is some of this is demonic? The breakdown of morals is at an all-time high as well.

So am I speaking out of both sides of my mouth? You are saying it is almost impossible to come into direct contact with a demon, then you talk about why there is a rise of it. What I am saying is that it is still a rare phenomenon that most people will not experience directly in their life time, but there is a rise in it and frighteningly, also a rise in the mere fascination of it. It is that fascination that bothers me. If you look for something long enough, you are likely to find it. People do not realize that. I will soon be publishing a book about people who work in this field or I should say worked in this field. They have paid their dues and they have also paid the price. Some more dramatically than others. I would love to do an interview with some of them. Some of them declined because they did not want their names and experiences out there. Most refused to discuss the events at all for fear of making it happen again. Others just don’t want to get into it.

My hope going forward, is that the fascination with the world of the demonic will slow down but history suggests otherwise. For my end of it, I want my stuff read because I believe everyone should know what is out there. However, I really wish they would read the warnings and other articles instead of diagnosing themselves, especially when that diagnosis points towards possession. So what do you all think?