4 Methods of Accessing the Most Creative Forces of Your Mind

We have read and heard a number of times that we do not utilize the full capacity of our brain, only a fragment of the forces of our Mind are used in our daily life. The full utilization of the potentials of our Mind would, however, add to our personality an immensely creative force. The question, therefore, arises, how we are able to access the creative forces of our Mind?

In the Captivity of the Mind

The creative force of the Mind is only accessible in the present moment, in the here and now.  We need to live in the present time and concentrate our energies to the actual moment in order to be really able to live our lives to the full, to be present in life, and to access the creative forces of the Mind. We are only able to enjoy the happiness and pleasure of the actual moment in the present. If our Mind is roaming the paths of the past or the future, the opportunities that are open to us in the present moment will close down and we will be unable to access the creative forces of the Mind. Instead, we will find ourselves in the captivity of the Mind.

Being in the captivity of the Mind means that we are either the prisoners of our past, or we live under the spell of an imaginary future. If in the majority of our waking hours our thoughts are engaged by the past of the future, in most of the cases we will not be able to act when it is necessary for the opportunities of the present.

In most cases, our Mind is locked up in the prison of the past by an event the outcome of which is unpleasant to us. Our thoughts turn toward that event in the past, we would like do change the course of the events, or we worry what others might think of us because of our improper behavior in that past moment.

Another way of becoming prisoners is when our Mind puts the spell of an imaginary future or the image of a desired, idyllic state upon us. Then we mobilize all our energies to make those images come true, and we tend to pass by the opportunities offered by the present almost blindly.

Yet another way the Mind uses to chain us to our future is our constant worry about what is going to happen to us in the future. We are afraid of, or even fear, the future, our Mind constantly produces scenarios the outcome of which are disastrous for us. We lose our job, we fall ill, our partner leaves us, etc.

A characteristic dimension of the captivity of the Mind is that the Mind is usually rejective, or even hostile, to the present moment. We often think that this or that should not happen that way, I should be somewhere else now, in some much better place. Why do such things only happen to me all the time? Our mind is thus in a constant struggle with the present, and that very struggle is what keeps us in captivity.

Living in the prison of the Mind, we are not in control of our lives, we just drift among the illusions generated by the Mind, and in most cases we are unable to act in the present moment.

Accessing the Creative Powers of the Mind

Let us take a look at a few methods that may enable us to access the creative forces of the Mind, and at the same time may help us to break free of the captivity of the Mind.

  1. We must reach beyond the past. Nobody has ever been able to change the past, so all the energy that we use to mull over the past is wasted energy. Instead, concentrate that energy on the present moment, be alert and conscious in connection with everything that we are experiencing in the present moment.
  2. Have no fear of the future, since the future is not a reality, it is just a projection of the Mind. Only the present moment exists. What is our present moment like, our imagined future will be like, too?
  3. It is only possible to make our future plans come true through our present actions. It is only in the present moment that we are able to do what will affect our future. Let us be careful, however, and do not sacrifice the opportunities of the present on the altar of an imaginary future or the image of an ideal situation. If we are really present in the here and now, and we are able to be happy there, we are not going to have any problem with that in the future either. Future is just a present moment, too.
  4. Let us accept the present moment as it is, and do not struggle against it. Do not look at the present moment as an enemy, and do not make a judgment about it. Give up the fight, and just be simply present in the here and now. Turn with a conscious and alert attention to whatever is happening in front of our eyes in the present moment.


Cymatics, Sound & Consciousness

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have a golf ball size consciousness when reading a book, then you will have a golf-ball size understanding. This is why it is crucial for you to broaden your minds. I am sure those of you who are reading this, have a broad mind and expanded consciousness. And by viewing the videos below, you will open yourselves to the reality and occult power of sound/music.

There is an ocean of pure vibrant consciousness inside each one of us. It is right at the source and base of mind. It is right at the source of thought. And it is also at the source of all matter.

For those of you who do not know, Matter is actually a poorly defined term in science. The term, Matter, is used in reference to a substance (often a particle) which has “rest mass”. The matter is also used loosely as a general term for the substance that makes up all observable physical objects.

Why is a matter so vaguely defined? Because there is no matter, as such.

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume that behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.

The solidity of this world seems totally indisputable – as a fixed thing which you can see and touch. Your body seems also reassuringly solid. But, beginning with Albert Einstein, modern physics has assured us that this solidity is a mirage.

All physical matter, everything we have around us is actually the result of a frequency. And what this means is that if you amplify the frequency, the structure of the matter will change.

Oscillating a wine glass by playing sound at its resonance frequency, will cause it to move, change and liquefy its structure and eventually even break it.

The sound is behind the manifestation of form and matter. Welcome to the study of visible sound and vibration, called Cymatics – allowing us to see into the otherwise hidden geometry in sound and the frequencies which form matter. Cymatic frequencies have an effect on texture, structure, water and more. We humans are made of over 70% water!

The sound is one of the sole factors which holds existence together. The sound is the basis of form and shape. Everything in existence is the result of a frequency.

We are told in school that in the beginning, was the word, and the word was God. We are told that this is how the world began and how creation took shape.

Word = Symbolic for Sound Frequency.

As shown in my website videos, what you previously thought were ancient sacred sites contain pretty carvings/images, are actually intelligent carvings/images depicting sound frequencies – cymatics! Therefore, geometric patterns all over the world have much meaning and significance.

The ancients knew much more than given credit for regarding life, the universe, astronomy, advanced mathematics, magic, magnetism, healing, unseen forces, etc. Encoded knowledge is and has been conveyed in plain sight, but as signs and symbols – which only the initiates would ever understand. Thanks to the works of those such as Manly P. Hall, Madam Blavatsky, etc and myself, you do not need to be initiated in secret societies to receive the secrets of the world.

The intangible aspects of our existence, such as emotions, are part of the true reality of higher consciousness. If emotions are part of a dimension that we cannot experience as part of our five senses (touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell), then how is it that we are all aware of our own emotions?

What most people believe to be emotions, are not truly the emotion itself. What we are experiencing is the physical manifestation of these emotions. Anger causes a disturbance in the psyche which manifests itself in the ego. These manifestations cause the heart rate to increase, body temperature to rise, and other physical traits which signify anger.

Just as music from the radio is the physical manifestation of an intangible signal, our experience of emotion is the physical manifestation of an intangible signal too. It has been shown that our emotions possess a vibratory frequency. Further to this, it has been shown that there are only two emotions which humankind experiences:


All other emotions branch off either directly or indirectly from these two emotions. Fear possesses a long and slow frequency vibration, whilst Love possesses a very rapid and high frequency. Again, Cymatics can reveal the vibrations forming the foundations of existence.

When the vibrations of sound are passed through a form of media, there is a set pattern that will follow. When the frequency increases, the media develops into a more complex pattern. This is precisely what is happening to earth and to humanity.

There are 64 possible codes of amino acids in human DNA structure, which are made of the four elements:

  • Carbon
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • Nitrogen

By any means of logic, we should have all 64 codes activated within our DNA structure. Yet, we only presently possess 20 active codes.

There is a switch that turns off and on, where those coding sites lay. And this switch is Emotion. Patterns of emotion have recently been discovered to be directly and physically linked to human genetics!

An individual living in fear is limited to far fewer sites for coding than an individual living in love. Remember, the vibrational frequency of love is rapid and high.

Russian researcher Dr. Vladimir Poponin worked with DNA and light particles also known as photons. The effect produced, known as the “Phantom DNA Effect” was astounding!

The Hollywood movie, Mission To Mars (2000), should now be watched again – showing Sound vs DNA vs “Our Past, Present & Future”!

Quantum physics has revealed what ancient masters knew long ago. That is, matter does not exist. The concept of substance arose from the philosophy of the Greek philosopher, Aristotle (384-322 BC). From this concept arose science’s conception of matter. The fact of the matter is, the substance of the universe is consciousness.

The belief that the substance of the universe is matter, leads to what I call, a fear – greed dichotomy. People in their quiet desperation attempt to accumulate as many material possessions and riches as possible. However, it is behaviour which is important and not material possessions and riches because the universe is consciousness.

Quantum Physics has shown that space and time are illusions of perception. Therefore, our bodies cannot be a reality if they occupy this space.

Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937) was a New Zealand-born physicist and chemist who became known as the father of nuclear physics.

Ernest Rutherford performed an experiment in Manchester, England, that revealed to him the shape of the interior of an atom. Scientists were shocked to discover that the atom is almost entirely empty space. The question then became, how could this empty atom possibly make a seemingly solid space around us?

Becoming Your Own Wise One

“There are as many ways to God as there are created souls.” – Muhammad

In our culture, who assumes the role of holy or wise one? 

In more traditional cultures the holy, wise one is a central figure. Often, they advise the king/queen, sit at the right hand of the chief, understand human behavior and prescribe medicine, help pass along the oral history of the tribe, and have an inner connection with universal wisdom and Truth. When a difficult societal issue arises, this individual is central in helping decide direction or outcome. Daily, they are consulted on a variety of issues.

Today, this diverse role and function have been spread across a team of specialists. For guidance, we go to a priest, counselor, doctor, psychologist, historian, politician or lawyer. Because of the complexity of some issues, this specialist may not even live in our own community, and to consult them we make an appointment, months in advance, travel to get the advice/treatment and pay a fee.

This specialist model has plus and minuses. Specialists because of training have information and expertise not available to others.  In some endeavors, these people are essential and our culture cannot be without them. However, by separating out problems and going to others for solutions, we lose sight for the most part it is possible to manage our own concerns. Within the wise one model, a majority of issues can be solved by one person, who is readily accessible, knows us and is part of our tribe/family.

In both models, the holy/wise one and specialist model, there is reliance upon others. While it is important in today’s technological world to have the option to work/consult with a specialist, generally, we have forgotten our own individual potential and multi-level capacities. With training, we can become our own source of wisdom and through inner perception manage a wide range of daily issues, consulting with specialists as indicated.

Gradually, we are returning to a model of self-reliance and individual responsibility.  We are shifting away from dependence on others and searching for our own inner wisdom to manage our life.  Tomorrow each person will be their own wise one, consulting with specialists far less frequently and only when required. This is the next stage in the evolutionary process.

Building Self-Reliance

How will this shift in personal awareness occur? We are in the beginning stages of it.  Look around and notice the increasing interest in different religious philosophies that maximize individual human potential and how so many are returning to spiritually based living. See the general discontent in the way the government is being run and the growing awareness republicans or democrats cannot save us.  From the outside, our way of life is being attacked by terrorists who want to return to a more traditional and religious based social system (as defined by them). It is generally recognized, greed in the marketplace is destroying our middle class.  The family fabric is being strained with couples having to work three jobs. Soon we will be a society of rich and poor.

Many are beginning to wonder, what went wrong?  Also, many are searching for real, lasting answers.

We are living in an age when people are turning away from authority based on individual based action. Over time, many realized we have given up too much responsibility to authority, government and institutions; gradually people are taking back control of their lives and working locally to solve their own problems.

The shift has occurred and will continue. Remember- a better world is created one person at a time.

Missing Ingredient 

In order to create better, more complete people, we have to add the missing spiritual ingredient.  This enriching element balances individual greed and helps the individual realize- because of our complex world; often our best interest is served to help our neighbor. For example, we may have to spend money to upgrade the air filtering capacity of our car engine; so, we have clean air to breathe.  This may cost personally, but in the long run, our air quality is healthier.

According to the mystic, the missing ingredient and balancing factor is higher consciousness.  This consciousness, because of its alignment with Truth, enables the individual to work toward collective interest.  This potential is latent in everyone, and its individual development and operation will help save us, and we can continue with our own evolution.

Personal spiritual development is a new frontier and area of inquiry.  How can each traveler develop inner wisdom and reach higher consciousness?  How can each become a wise man/woman and achieve excellence in their daily life?

There is a way to do this, but we have forgotten where and how to look.  The next phase will see its full reemergence.

How do I go about finding the missing ingredient?

Turn back to the religion of your birth; become a better Christian, Jew or Moslem.  Seek the inner core of religious experience; do not be satisfied with the outer shell of religious teaching and fossilized rules created by others.  Find your own, inner, vibrant Truth, and become a spiritual traveler.  Each of the great religions provides a structure or framework from which to begin the inner journey of exploration of self and higher consciousness.

And if for some reason, your journey is restricted by the religion of your birth, seek Truth and higher consciousness in another spiritual path.  Pray and ask for a different way to open to you.  Pray for a guide and teacher who will show you your own inner potential and teach awareness of your own growing spirituality.  Find a teacher that is aligned with Truth and will give you tools to uncover your own strength, and teach you how to proceed on your own.

In this endeavor, three factors must be aligned: the student, the teacher and the grace (Baraka) of the path.

It is a tradition that the teacher calls to the student’s sincerity or purity of heart; this is the factor that enables the student to be successful.

How do you grow sincere in your efforts?

Seek Truth or wisdom for its own sake not for what it will give you.  Seek Truth because you love and must know it. Then, as The Light or God Wills, the golden or inner path will open to you.

This is the balancing factor, the missing ingredient.  One day this awareness will be as common as the growing realization that there is an underlying or connecting energy in the universe.

Balanced Living

Until I achieve this inner understanding, what am I to do?

Try to live a good, balanced life.  Achieve excellence in something.  Seek to help others and develop the many aspects of yourself.  Make time to listen to your inner song. Stay away from that which is destructive.  Do things in moderation and try not to hurt someone.  Be kind to yourself and others.  Be a good loving person that is an asset to their family, community, and the world.

If you do these things, in time, the inner missing ingredient will develop. As it develops, it will help you fully utilize all of your skills and abilities. Added spiritual capacity is a balancing and enabling element; helping travelers reach human excellence and completion.

And when this occurs, you will be a king/queen in this world and the next; having your own inner wise one to consult.

Honoring the Spirit is Possible

The first quote is from the Bible’s book of Proverbs: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” There is a red flag here. We’ll get into it in a moment and see what emerges.

The second is from Frederick Douglass: “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Well, of course, I might add broken women here too, but other than that, it seems a pretty good thought. One thing: in all but exceptional cases it’s the broken adult who has to repair him/herself. I’m starting out today with a few quotes. The topic is conditioning… and… conditioning. What kind of conditioning were we subjected to, and what kind of conditioning are we subjecting our children to. I can’t think of many things more important than looking into who our children really are; and the ‘raising’ of that Spirit in a body. While the little body may be us in the form of our DNA, the Spirit within is completely itself: only ours to nurture and guide, and set free.

And finally, here’s a Chinese proverb: “A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.” Amen to that! Now how do we leave the right mark, and build strong children, and accumulate some wisdom so we can train them up in the ‘way they should go’.

In the consciousness movement, many of us, at one time or another, have visited the long-gone yet ever-present inner child. The experience of losing our innocence affects us in adult life as it comes up in emotions or patterns, replicating the deep feelings of abandonment or hurt or shame or restriction we experienced back then.

We work on liberating ourselves, remembering, resolving, and comforting that child part… the one who experienced ‘harsh reality’. As it comes to the surface we recognize and accept what happened, and we let it go with forgiveness; handing the responsibility over to the responsible parties, with grace.

So the point is, we know what it takes to overcome the conditioning of growing up within a culture and set of beliefs. For some, it is quite traumatic, for others, childhood has a sweetness that stays with us. From my own experience, I would say: even a religious childhood at the low end of the economic ladder can be sweet… if there is freedom to roam in nature, with playmates and imagination in abundance.

Question: Knowing our own process of inner child healing and overcoming conditioning, are there ways for us to not place such a burden on our own children?

For the most part, every parent does the best that they can. Those of us with grown children can look back on what we did and how we behaved, and we may see times when we did disappointing things… parenthood isn’t easy. Maybe we thought we knew – and alas, it was our ego doing its thing, or fear, or our old conditioning still in charge.

Thankfully, with love and honesty and ego in the back seat, there is still a bridge. We can talk with our grown sons and daughters, allowing things to be expressed and not taking offense. In this case, we will be the exception… consciously helping to repair across a generation. If the inner child of our sons and daughters is loved and accepted by us, that’s a beautiful and healing thing – humbling for us maybe, but liberating for all.

Now let’s get to the little ones experiencing childhood, and the babies coming into life. Why are they entering at such a time as this? Can we raise them without damage to their true self… which are they going to very much need? More than that: I believe they may guide and teach us, so let’s honor the new generation, as we begin.

Where do I see the potential damages to the children who are young now? What do parents believe they are doing right that may be, in fact, something their child will have to overcome later… another generation of adults doing ‘inner child’ work.

I see a culture where parents and authorities exert a great deal of control… placing the guiding hand on almost every moment of the child’s day. It seems that the conditioning culture has set it up that way for modern parents… you create the experiences of your children… you help them to adapt… you provide them every opportunity… you make sure there is always adult supervision… and you stress yourself and your pocketbook out to the max while doing it.

Today good parenting is done within a box requiring copious $$$.

I feel for the children as I look at their busy lives, remembering myself stretched out on the prairie grass, watching the clouds roll by. Nature doesn’t cost anything. Nature with playmates and imagination and inventiveness doesn’t need an adult to create experiences.

I’m sure today’s parents can see the benefit of nature, imaginative play, and less adult control… if only life offered the opportunity. Here I feel for the parents who worry about safety and supervision… what if, what if, what if. Can we let them run and play… will they be safe? What if we’re not doing enough? What if they fall behind other kids or feel left out?

Many parents are raising their children in cities, and they’re stuck with demanding schools, planned and supervised recreation, additional classes, plus homework, and the opinions of neighbors and friends and ‘educational experts’. Creating an entirely new way would seem an insurmountable task, so let’s search for something surmountable… something that nurtures and guides, and sets free on a scale that is not too radical to achieve.

To do that, I’ll go back to the quotes: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Do you see the red flag here? It’s the ‘should’ word. What is the way they should go? Should they believe what you believe… desire what you desire?

How about another option of ‘training up’. Instead of setting a direction for them and looking at performance, focus on virtues. Reward them for speaking from their heart, keeping their word, practicing kindness, listening to their inner knowing of right and wrong, being charitable, having the courage to face new things… and being able to withstand a change of circumstances.

Next quote: “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” How is a strong child built? Strength is called up when facing problems. Listening, communicating, advising and then allowing children to solve problems for themselves does build strength. And the parent is in the mix too: there are few inspirations more beautiful and long-lasting for a child than seeing a parent’s strength of character.

And now to the final quote: “A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.” Honoring the Spirit is possible, trusting in your decisions is possible; even as parents face external pressure to tightly control everything being written on their child’s piece of paper. As much as we might think it is, control isn’t love-based. It’s fear-based.

So let’s try to do just a tiny bit of problem-solving. This culture encourages fear. Truth alleviates fear. If your child knows that you want the truth more than you want to feel comforted or pleased and that the truth will mitigate disappointment or even punishment, then you’ve taken a step toward honoring your child. You’re polishing the jewels of the Spirit: truth and love.

I see the young ones as having the potential to reach far beyond us… in the right way. Let’s let them show us who they are and embrace that person… who will one day be the inner child of an adult? Set free, we will see an adventurous, balanced and self-realized creator of a courageous new world.



Shadow of the Shaman: 5 Reasons Being a Shaman Sucks (is Awesome)


Ghost talker? Vision poet? Soothsayer? Oracle? Bridge between worlds? There are many ways to describe shamans and the shamanism they practice, but basically shamanism is the most ancient spirituality, and for the most part you don’t choose it –it chooses you. Shamanism is mankind’s primordial soul-signature, tapping the cornerstone of the human leitmotif. Shamans are psycho-ecological vehicles for spiritual entanglement, and they realize that we are all unique expressions of the same ubiquitous energy. But they also realize that very few of us are actually aware of that fact. And even fewer are able to do something about it. As such, shamans are unique expressions of the human condition who are aware of their connection to all things, and who have acquired mysterious methods for doing something about it.

Although it’s a deeply powerful form of spirituality, it should not be taken lightly; or if it is taken lightly, it should be taken with a wholesome helping of “humble pie” along with a healthy side of “a humor of the most high.” This is because shamanism is a lopsided double edged sword. The ecstasy on the one side cuts deep and can be genuinely ecstatic, but the agony on the other side cuts to the soul and can be devastatingly dismal. The pain that comes from such knowledge can be a crippling thing, especially coming from a culture that’s hung-up on the bliss of its own ignorance. Like Wei, Wu, Wei said, “In order to be effective truth must penetrate like an arrow — and that is likely to hurt.” The truth hurts, but cosmic truth hurts most of all. Shamans are the one’s becoming intimate with such pain. Here are five ways being a shaman totally sucks but is also secretly awesome.

  • You will be shunned by friends and family:

Shamanism grabs your Destiny by the throat and does not let go. Once it clamps on with its death-grip hold, there is no going back. The shamanic initiation can appear spontaneously, as a blunder, or as an unlucky (lucky) break. It can arrive through super-serendipity, as a chance occurrence, or a cruel twist of fate. It can come through new life, or through unexpected death, or both. It can come from another shaman, or even a raging thunderstorm. There’s no telling when or where it will happen, but when it happens you know it. The universe lines up like a divine fisherman, and you are the magical fish caught on the hook of primordial Time. The kind of knowledge gained is a bone-knowledge, a marrow-deep wisdom, a soul-caliber comprehension. This will, in small and large ways, cause complete havoc in the hyperreal world of the average person. Such havoc is scary for most people, and since your friends and your family include most people, they will more than likely be scared of your newfound unorthodox spirituality.

Their shunning is a double edged sword: you will be dubbed crazy, insane, and eccentric on the one side, and arrogant, conceited, and even selfish on the other side. But they don’t even understand the nature of selfishness; as Oscar Wilde wrote, “Selfishness is not living your life as you wish. It is asking others to live their life as you wish.” You understand that it’s society itself that’s being selfish for asking you to live the way it wishes. Your refusal to be pigeonholed by the status quo is why they despise you. Anybody who takes up the lifestyle or attitude of artificiality will not be able to stand you, because you have become a natural being. You are now of the earth. You have re-discovered your roots, through soulful self-interrogation and self-rewilding. By your very presence you catalyze. You are a great fermentation. The unconscious of anyone living in an artificial manner will sense you as doubly dangerous. Everything about you will irritate them, especially your sense of humor. They sense nature in you, and they are scared shitless of it. But don’t lose heart. You are vitally necessary to tonalize this otherwise atonal world.

  • Love itself becomes a painful ability:

Here’s the thing: we live in a world filled with victims who have been victimized by a victimizing culture. Victims are victims precisely because they are afraid. Once they cease being afraid, once they quit allowing their fears to control them and become intimate with Fear instead, they cease being victims and become warriors. Shamans are spiritual warriors par excellence precisely because they are healers of fear. They help people move from a state of fear and expectation to a higher state of awareness where imagination is free to reimagine itself. Like Stephen Levine said, “To heal is to touch with love that which was previously touched by fear.” They realize that fearlessness is not the rejection of fear, it is intimacy with fear. It’s in the intimacy where the healing takes place. That’s where the ashes can be transformed into a Phoenix. Like Martin Luther King, Jr. Said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Love itself is the seer’s tool, the shaman’s soul craft. Just as only love can drive out hate, only love can drive out fear. Only intimacy with fear can transform fear into courage. The catch: this particular flavor of intimacy is excruciatingly painful. It tears apart the soul with its counterintuitive energy, but then it puts it back together again with the unconditional glue that maintains the unity of opposites. It’s a deep, cosmic love, an absolute love that subsumes the slings and arrows of vicissitude, but also leaves its practitioner in a constant state of existential pain that he/she must be able to resolve in the hear-and-now while also understanding that it will ultimately never really be resolved. Almost like the joy of the journey is always now, whether or not the goal of the journey is ever achieved. Only the “joy” is no joy at all but rather an intimacy with pain, a primordial jouissance. Like Joseph Campbell said, “The schizophrenic is drowning in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight.”

  • You will experience Soul-crushing loneliness:

Never underestimate the ignorant power of “the armor of the ‘I.’” It forms itself under the naïve assumption that things are separate. It is constructed under the desperate assertion of maintaining a separate identity. It closes you off until all of your powers of perception can only “see” through the narrow chinks of the all-too-human cavern of self-bias. Most of us grow up in a world where this sort of armor is constantly being manufactured. We become attached to it. It becomes a kind of hyperreal skin. Shamans are the ones ripping that skin off, which is likely to hurt. But we have only to remember that it’s no skin at all –it’s metal, it’s machine-like. It is not you! It is a prison disguised as you. A shaman can help you by opening the door to your prison, but only you can walk through it to taste the freedom on the other side. But, fair warning: it is going to hurt like hell. You will experience one of mankind’s most debilitating pains: loneliness.

Here’s the thing: you have to feel lost and lonely in order to feel the real you as you. You are a microcosm within a macrocosm, a desperate tiny thing in an otherwise calm universe, but you are also an aspect of the universe. You can no more separate the micro from the macro than you can the human from the natural; both are needed to put the whole into holistic. This is the great lesson of loneliness: it’s only when you’re alone that you realize you’re never alone. Like Nietzsche said, “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” Such privilege is a double-edged sword. It will liberate you on the one side, but it will crush you with loneliness on the other side. Do not balk. Self-pity is poison for a shaman. Like Rumi said, “Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.” Seek the center of your loneliness and transform it into interdependence. Loneliness is merely the shadow of the self. Embrace the shadow, dance with it in the abyss, and you will never (always) be alone again.

  • You will be destroyed over and over again between worlds:

Your soul will constantly be forced to eat itself. You will face death every day in the abyss. You have to constantly be able to “die” and rebirth your own energy. Like Henry Miller said, “We must die as egos and be born again in the swarm, not separated and self-hypnotized, but individual and related.” You must be able to destroy yourself and then rebuild yourself. This is the shamanic dance on God’s forehead, the eternal dance on the Divine Third Eye: the uncanny ability to be born, to die, and to be reborn, over and over again, and in each new life, to become a thing which is more capable of subsuming cosmos than in the life before. Where you are receptive to stimuli to which, in the time before, you were insensate. This is done between worlds. It’s done in the shadowy unconscious of the soul. It’s done in the abyss of the human condition, where the you of you is the same thing as the They of them. In short, it’s the death of your ego. And perhaps nothing hurts more than ego-death.

The death of the ego is no easy task. Ego-death is identity-death is self-annihilation. It leads to a dark night of the soul. And if you are lucky (unlucky) enough to have multiple ego-deaths in your life you will reap the rewards (penalties) of having multiple dark nights of the soul as well. If all that weren’t enough, you will also experience the ego-death of other people, and the dark night of their soul will usually prove to be more excruciating than your own. In fact, the more times your soul is forced to eat itself, the more times your ego dies and is reborn again, the more interdependently connected you will become with the experiences of others. This too is a double edged sword, but the sharper the double edged sword the smoother the ego-death; which basically just means it gets easier with practice. Indeed, existential masochism becomes an art form at this level, and provides the perfect platform for meta-empathy to emerge.

  • You will experience soul breaking meta-empathy:

Shamans are neither scientists nor priests, but artists. They are Technicians of the Sacred, immersed in the numinous tapestry of the cosmos. A vital aspect of that tapestry is the human condition, and when it comes to the human condition, the artistry of the shaman shines like gold in dark times. The secret of their art is both very simple and very difficult: healthy detachment. It’s simple because all you have to do is realize that everything is connected and all things are in a constantly changing dance of interdependence. It’s difficult because you imagine that you have a static sense of self (ego) which seems at odds with your dynamic sense of connection (soul). But it’s not at odds at all. Your ego is just as much a tool as your soul is, you simply have to let go of what you think your ego wants in order to make possible what your soul intends. This requires heartbreak. It requires breaking your heart so wide open that the universe has no other choice but to fall in. Heartbreak equals soul-awake. And once your soul is awake, that’s when the real shamanic process begins: soul break.

Soul break, like heartbreak, opens us up to the vast knowledge hidden within the nature of pain, but it also teaches us detachment. Soul break is detachment in the moment. If you are truly detached, your mental-spirit-body becomes a mighty tool for clear seeing. Detachment is existential seeing. Existential seeing is meta-empathy. You must be able to act with compassion, but without attachment. Most love is conditional, most compassion is indiscriminate. As a shaman you have to come from a place of unconditional love. The shamanic experience involves tremendous self-discipline and the will to be focused even when such focus is painful. And it is painful. With this ability we move to the depths of another person’s emotional state and we can “see” from their worldview and understand what makes them healthy or not. When they are unhealthy, you feel it. And in a world where the majority of people are unhealthy, you become the walking personification of pain. Indeed, meta-empathy even becomes ecological. You feel deeply the unhealthiness of the broken system and the painful disconnect between Mother Nature and the human soul.

At the end of the day, it is the job of shamans to shake people out of ordinary, habitual states of mind and to reawaken latent faculties. This can be a soul-quaking experience of world-shattering pain. But there is a vast reservoir of knowledge in such pain, and shamans are the ones seeking it out and imaginatively and courageously transforming it into soul, into art, and into new knowledge. Through daily acts of courage and a willingness to reveal symbolic ways to transcend the darkness of the human condition, shamans are the personification of being the change they wish to see in the world. They are free to triumph over terror. They are no longer interested in the petty pursuit of meaning. They would rather the power that comes from creating it.