Author Spotlight for June

I’m happy to say our first author spotlight is on Chad Stambaugh who is a retired Marine. He is the Co-Founder of 11th Hour Paranormal Research Society. His book (which I own a copy of myself & I believe a few other staff members) ‘The Paranormal Dictionary’ won the 2014 Paranormal Award for the best Non-Fiction book of the year. Because of his advocacy for more education in the Paranormal, Chad has started his own radio shows: The paranormal corner and The paranormal round-table. Chad lives in Fresno, California with his wife and has three kids and two grand-kids.

I met chad a few years ago when as I remember it he contacted me about being a vendor & speaker at the 1st Paranormal Journeys Expo, which I run.  The funny thing is we both were promoting Paranormal Dictionary for him his new book for me my site which was being “re-launched” at the event.  Neither of us realized that till the event started.  I for one always believe great ideas are never exclusive.  Chad is a wealth of knowledge in the paranormal community and of course when I started this mad idea to start a magazine about the Paranormal he was on my list.  Thankfully he accepted! You can read his articles here.

Beyond the Veil bookHe also has a new book coming out ‘Beyond the Veil’:

“This Book is for all Paranormal Investigators everywhere. This is also for all Wiccans, and all Pagans in general. Here’s your book to combat all those Nay Sayers and Bible Thumpers, who constantly say that were conjuring Demons and that were Devil worshipers. This is the book that spreads the truth about the false Origins of the Bible itself and the fear that organized Religion that has held mankind in fear and blind obedience.

This is the book that shows we don’t need an organized religion to talk and be one with God! For God is everywhere! In the Air, in the Sea, and in the Land itself. God is in everything, not just some building that some priest says that you must be in, to communicate with God.

This Book is for man as a whole to finally wake-up and finally open his eyes and see the truth.”

If you are interested, he has a pre-order sale happening right now, but only to July 10th, click here to pre-order! Sale price is $12.50 for pre-orders. Regular price will be $15.95.  Don’t Miss out on this deal!!

I hope you enjoyed this little look into one of our staff members as I plan to spotlight more of our staff and their projects every month!!

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