Paranormal Enlightenment with JRo – 4/2/2014

April 2nd 2014 LeeAnna SRIP

This week we welcome LeeAnna Jonas.

LeeAnna is the founder of Spirit Realm Investigative Project (SRIP). She has been featured on such shows as The Paranormal Challenge (S.S. Hornet episode), My Ghost Story and has made several contributions to the paranormal community. She has been interviewed for documentaries, several articles and even college thesis’s.

Tune in to hear some of her fascinating stories on the mining towns they investigate and catch up since we spoke last year.

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Para-Tips™: Carry Identification

Carrying Identification seems common sense to most of us, but sadly some “para-sites” miss this fact. So why carry ID? Simple most investigations are done by necessity in the off hours especially ones at public locations and i’m sure any passing law enforcement officer will look into strange lights/people 😉 from a usually empty building to make sure no one is robbing the place. Besides that type of scenario, IDS should be available to show clients/owners you are who you say you are.  You want to be professional or taken as such? Then don’t act shady. Simple.