Para-Tips™: Batteries

Check your equipment’s batteries before an investigation and have back ups with you, as well as on you when your out investigating.  Always have extras more then one set!  You never know when your have a bad batch of batteries or need for extras.   Some of most common batteries are AA, AAA, C, D, and of course keep your camcorder, camera batteries charged and have extras charged, ready to go! Don’t let a dead battery keep you from getting the shot or video you need!

Para-Tips™: Flashlights

This should really go without saying, but always have a flashlight with you.  One never knows when your need one even during the day! Lots of places have nooks and crawlspaces without lights – not to mention the “standard” night investigation where being able to see is a must. Remember to use a red lens’ on your lights to keep your night vision intact during dark/night investigations as bright lights in the dark can blind you or other investigators. And always test/change batteries before an investigation!

Para-Tips™: Business Cards

Keep it simple.  Your name and/or group certainly needs to be there, your phone number and your e-mail address. Space permitting, you can add your physical address, fax number, cell-phone number and company website address. If you have logo add it in.  They are show a degree of professionalism, which can help get your foot in the door at some locations

Para-Tips™: Carry Identification

Carrying Identification seems common sense to most of us, but sadly some “para-sites” miss this fact. So why carry ID? Simple most investigations are done by necessity in the off hours especially ones at public locations and i’m sure any passing law enforcement officer will look into strange lights/people 😉 from a usually empty building to make sure no one is robbing the place. Besides that type of scenario, IDS should be available to show clients/owners you are who you say you are.  You want to be professional or taken as such? Then don’t act shady. Simple.